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Indigenous Peoples, COVID, and Adventure Tourism

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U.S. Packaged Adventure Travel Segment to Bounce Back Faster than the Overall U.S. Travel Market


Central Asia’s COVID-19 Recovery Strategy

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Moving to Local Tourism


With borders closed, planes grounded, the economy in tatters and the coronavirus still pummeling the planet, the tourism industry has not seen worse days. Yet as economies slowly reopen, people...

Tuscany Adventure Times: It’s Time to Restart


Toscana Promozione Turistica, the Regional Agency for Tourism, has decided to inform constantly tourist operators and partners about the situation generated by Covid-19. We also planned a series of actions...

Season 3 of Epic Trails Hits US Airwaves


Heliconia, the video production company behind the hit television show Epic Trails, is excited to announce that Season 3 of the Telly Award-winning series premiered on OutsideTV June 11th at...