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Honoring Sheikh Zayad’s Legacy in Antarctica

In partnership with polar explorers Robert and Barney Swan and their 2041 Foundation, on February 28, 2018, The Explorer’s Passage had the pleasure of taking 90 incredible environmental leaders from across the world to Antarctica on a special expedition called IAE/ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018. Participants on the expedition were from 18 countries and ranged from renewable......

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Transforming Travel Through Transparency

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“Transparency” is one of those lifeless, corporate-sounding terms that turns people off. However, for responsible travel companies, and especially those whose business depends on sharing adventures and experiences, it should...

Israel in a Different Light


MEDRAFT’s self-guided tours are state of the art in guiding MEDRAFT has developed a unique concept for the independent traveler: “self-guided” GPS tours – an innovative user-friendly complete package that...