Top 5 AdventureTravelNews Articles of 2015

5 January 2016
Each and every week AdventureTravelNews brings you stories from our industry-turned-community, keeping you up-to-speed on ATTA events and research as well as bringing you member news from your colleagues and introducing you to new adventure companies entering the market. We also feature in-depth articles on topics that are important points of discussion for our entire community.

We try to keep our finger on the industry’s pulse, so you don’t have to. That said, we also respond to what you you’re reading and engaging with. Therefore, we bring you the Top 5 AdventureTravelNews Articles of 2015. These are the most read and most shared articles from a year’s worth of adventure travel news.

8186973974_0e3a8f2e0a_o#5 Unlocking Adventure in Cuba

When the U.S. eased up restrictions on travel to Cuba, the ATTA asked several operators how the adventure travel sector might fare against mass travel as the country opened up.

shutterstock_266430095#4 Want to Scare Your Team? Start Talking About Marketing Trends

ATTA’s VP of Marketing & Communications Casey Hanisko introduced several travel marketing trends in this article that we have to embrace as a industry if we don’t want get left in the dust.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA#3 Two Critical Marketing Tips to Help Your Adventure Business Succeed

Our AdventureEDU team highlighted two marketing tips from our EDU educators to address common challenges faced by companies and destinations from Colorado to Macedonia to Peru.

© ATTA / Hassen Salum#2 Announcing the Industry’s First Adventure Travel Guide Qualification and Performance Standard

Over a year in the making, when we finally announced the adventure travel industry’s first-ever Guide Qualification and Performance Standard, it quickly became the second most read article we published.

shutterstock_231471649#1 The Millennial Generation is Changing the Way We Travel

Kids these days! Clearly we all want to understand how these digital-natives will change our industry and how we can cater to their travel wishes. We interviewed the heads of several groups that work with Millennials and it’s obvious that our entire industry has a lot to learn about what makes them tick.