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North Carolina, Where ‘Hunger Games’ was Filmed, Getting Ready for Fan Tourism

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Assistant Editor’s Note: The ATTA is witnessing an increasing trend of mainstream media influencing adventure tourism, and therefore we believe the article below is relevant. Please also read our recent guest article from best-selling author John Shors, on How Literature Inspires Travel.

The Washington Post has reported that the hit new film, Hunger Games, is already driving up tourism in North Carolina, where the movie was filmed. The movie, which is based on the best-selling, post-apocalyptic series by Suzanne Collins that chronicles a group of teenagers being forced to fight each other to the death in a futuristic reality show, already brought an influx of money to the state when filmmakers spent more than $60 million shooting there, employing approximately 5000 people.

Now, the area is preparing for a tourism boom. The abandoned mill village where much of the film was placed is private property, and the owner has already reported being “bombarded” with visitors.

North Carolina’s Division of Tourism has created a four day, self-guided sight-seeing tour, and other operators are boasting everything from ziplines to survival training.
For more info, read the entire article on the Washington Post.

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