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Jordan to Host First-Ever Regional Adventure Travel Trade Conference

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(Anchorage, Alaska) September 22, 2016 The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA, is proud to announce that AdventureNEXT Near East (ANNE) is to be held in Jordan in early 2017. This first-ever adventure travel conference supporting eco-tourism and active travel development in the Middle East and North Africa region will be held on the shore of the Dead Sea in Jordan with the support of the Jordan Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Jordan Tourism Board.


Jordan, home of the archaeological treasure of Petra, will host AdventureNEXT Near East in 2017.

Announcement of the new event was made during the ATTA’s Adventure Travel World Summit in Anchorage, Alaska, last week. From the stage, ATTA President Mr. Shannon Stowell, who is an ardent supporter of travel to Jordan, said, “I have experienced transformational adventures in Jordan and know that this market is full of potential.” He continued later on to say, “I want us to expand perceptions of the region and build confidence in those buying and selling adventures in Jordan and surrounding countries.”

The Jordan Tourism Board is looking forward to welcoming ATTA members and those interested in or involved in the adventure travel community in Jordan. “We have been members of ATTA since 2005 and are honored and excited to be the host of AdventureNEXT Near East,” said Malia Asfour, Director of the Jordan Tourism Board North America. “ATTA has been an incredible catalyst in supporting Jordan and helping the tourism board in reaching and educating adventure travelers about Jordan.”


AdventureNEXT Near East will showcase ecotourism and active adventures in places like the Dana Biosphere Reserve in Jordan.

ANNE will be the first conference of its kind in a region where stories of travel and adventure date back thousands of years. This new conference for the adventure market will bridge the East with the West and foster the growth of sustainable, environmental, cultural and adventure tourism in the region.

“Jordan is the perfect host for this conference,” said Manal Kelig, ATTA Executive Director of the Near East. “Jordan already has the product in place to lead the region in this niche market. The timing of this conference coincides with the completion of the Jordan Trail, a 650 kilometer trail that passes through 52 villages and contributes to generating income and economic growth to these local communities. The conference will overlap with the completion of the Jordan Trail thru-walk scheduled for the Spring of 2017.”

Registration and event dates will be released soon for AdventureNEXT Near East. Please sign up for event updates.

6 Comments to Jordan to Host First-Ever Regional Adventure Travel Trade Conference

  1. I was in Jordan many years ago, before I wrote about travel. And I will never forget the wonderful, polite way in
    which I was treated at the hotel. I was actually introduced for the first time to Middle Eastern cuisine during this trip!
    So I have fond memories of my trip to Aman, Jordan. I would love the opportunity to return now, many years alter,
    as a travel journalist.

  2. Yeah for Jordan! We are thrilled for our ATTA community to have this opportunity to be inspired by Jordan and her people.

  3. The world become small because of our love to meeting eachother through ATTA, so hope to meeting you in Jordan guys 🙂
    greeting from Madagascar

    Jonah R

  4. Awesome! This sounds like something really awesome to be apart of! Working with The Jordan Tourism Bureau was an awesome experience! I left part of my heart in Jordan and will be back!

  5. Dear Sirs,
    we would be excited to participate in the event! Either as guests or by giving a short presentation on the “Journey to Jerusalem”, a hiking trail from Nazareth to the Lake of Galilee and through the Judean Desert to Jerusalem. This hiking trail caters to religiously as well as to culturally & historically inclined target groups.

    SK-Tours is a regional operator which has strong and well working connections to Palestinian and Jordanian travel companies.

    With our project “FAIR TRAVEL” SK-Tours has become well known for its first Israeli/Palestinian joint venture in Tourism.

    Please let us know in what manner we can contribute to this important regional event!
    Georg Roessler

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