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Hokkaido, Japan, To Host Adventure Travel World Summit 2021; Registration Now Open

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Registration is now open for the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s (ATTA) annual industry event, the Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS). The 2021 event will be held in Hokkaido, Japan, 20-23 September. The highly anticipated announcement was made during an online webinar for the adventure travel community on 03 December.

The ATTA’s annual Summit event draws hundreds of industry professionals from around the world for several days of educational programming, lauded keynote speakers, ample time for one-on-one networking, and exploration of the host destination. This is the first ATWS on the Asian continent, signaling the importance of Japan as a major player in adventure tourism, and the growing global opportunities for adventure travel.

2021 partners, ATWS2021 Hokkaido Executive Committee: President Naomichi Suzuki and JTB have dedicated the past four years nurturing the strategic growth of adventure travel throughout the country. 3,800 kilometers from north to south, the diversity of natural habitat in Japan lends itself to be a perfect platform for a broad array of adventure travel activities. Each entity understands the importance of protecting the environment of Japan and the culture of its people, most importantly that of the indigenous Ainu population in Hokkaido. 

The President of Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), Satoshi Seino, shared his thoughts on why Japan is an ideal location for adventure tourism, “Japan is a long island country stretching from north to south. Visitors to Japan can enjoy a wide variety of activities in the rich natural environments that intertwine the diverse climates and complex terrains of the islands. In addition, Japan is home to distinct cultures and traditions rooted in regional areas, developed and passed down over generations. We hope you will come experience them for yourselves. At ATWS 2021, we look forward to welcoming you with the unique adventure travel opportunities Japan has to offer. You will surely discover your own reasons to visit Japan.”

“Our experiences with the tourism offices, businesses, and people of Japan have been exemplary and showcase a dedication to partnership and to a thoughtful, long-term adventure travel strategy,” shared ATTA CEO Shannon Stowell. 

The Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) features sophisticated educational content addressing key travel trends, inspirational topics meant to stretch and grow the industry, and topical interactive sessions. Especially relevant in 2021 will be addressing the needs of the industry as operators, accommodations, destinations, and businesses throughout the supply chain consider ways to rebuild, partner, and innovate their way past the effects of the global pandemic. 

On the first day of the Summit, delegates are invited to participate in the Day of Adventure, which will introduce them to adventure activities available in and around Sapporo, Hokkaido. A rugged yet peaceful destination, Hokkaido’s mountains, coastlines, and vibrant valleys hold opportunities for hiking, kayaking, tasting and exploring the food delicacies of the region, and exploring the cities and towns with ample opportunities to experience local Japanese culture.

“Hokkaido is blessed not only by its rich nature, but also with its regional resources, including food, hot springs, and Ainu culture, the indigenous people of Japan,” shared Naomichi Suzuki, Governor of Hokkaido. “In such an environment, adventure travelers from around the globe can enjoy various activities, such as cycling, canoeing, and trekking.  Taking ATWS 2021 as an opportunity, I am committing myself to showcasing the charms of Hokkaido as a destination for adventure travelers around the globe, as well as working to ensure that adventure travel continues to be a tourism representative of Hokkaido.”

New for 2021, delegates may take advantage of an early registration ticket price as well as a Save Your Spot option. Agenda and speaker details for Adventure Travel World Summit 2021 and additional information about the event will be announced in the coming months.

Registration for Adventure Travel World Summit 2021 is now open.

The manner and the way the Summit is held will be contemplated and decided depending on the situation of infectious diseases, including COVID-19, in the world.  

 Press Release from Japan Tourism Agency

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