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Greenland Launches First Social Media Campaign

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Editor’s Note: Compelling digital marketing, smart in its efforts to accentuate Greenlandic culture (definitely have your speakers on) within the tourism context, subtle humor, and simply awe-inspiring imagery. Having visited Greenland, I can assure you this first in the series is just a glimpse of what this little-known destination offers the adventure traveler. Worth taking a few moments out to watch!

ATTA member, Destination Arctic Circle, a small DMO in Northern Greenland, took on the challenge of raising awareness for their destination and, with Xola Consulting, designed a campaign exclusively for social media.  The first in a series of six adventure clips was released on Tuesday.  The videos follow the epic winter adventure of Greenlandic guide Arne Hardenberg and pro-snowboarder Stefan Gimpl as they heli-ski, camp on the ice cap, dog-sled, hang out with knitting grandmothers, snowboarding teenagers and discover the rough, real, remote nature and culture of Destination Arctic Circle.  The soundtrack is made up exclusively of Greenlandic bands.  Over the course of six weeks, the project partners: Destination Arctic CircleAir Greenland, and Greenland Tourism will be updating their Facebook pages with field notes, photos and tips for traveling in Greenland. Viewers also have a chance to win a trip to Greenland by finding a hidden Tupilak or traditional carving, that is hidden in each video.  Check out: for all campaign materials.



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