First Ever Virtual Event Dedicated to Climate Clever Travel: Travelers and Trade Meet to Learn and Be Inspired

4 February 2021

Travelers and Trade Meet to Learn and Be Inspired

On 25 February travelers and the global travel trade gathers for an event which is the first of its kind - specifically dedicated to climate with consumer inspiration and education top of mind - Tomorrow’s Air Convene: Climate Clever Travel. Tomorrow’s Air, incubated by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA),  hosts this unique event that brings together travel businesses and travelers to learn and promote sustainable travel and climate action that puts communities, wildlife, and the environment at the heart of decision making. 

Tomorrow’s Air: Convene is co-hosted by partners who share ATTA’s passion for developing and promoting sustainable experiences to discerning travelers - Atlas Obscura, Impact Travel Alliance, and Natural Habitat Adventures. The global climate-conscious travel community is invited to attend and partner. 

“Now is the time to be creative and explore new ideas for delivering on the vision for travel that is good for the environment and communities,” said ATTA Vice President for Global Strategy and Tomorrow’s Air Co-Founder, Christina Beckmann. “We’re excited to see a global travel community united in a care for climate action come together and are encouraged by early signals of interest from both the traveler and business communities - we saw more than 100 travelers register just within the first few days the event has been open.”

Recent research indicates that climate and sustainability remain a top issue for consumers even during the global pandemic. In one study of 1.2 million people from 50 countries released by the UNDP, 64 percent of people said that climate change was an emergency. Another study surveying consumers in 26 countries found that the number of people “doing everything possible to minimise their carbon footprint” increased from 63 percent to 69 percent over the past year. 

The ATTA has prioritized climate action since 2016. Since then ATTA’s climate action initiative has grown to include climate research, learning and networking events, and two mitigation programs: Neutral Together, a bulk purchase carbon offsetting program for small tour operators and accommodations businesses, and Tomorrow’s Air, bringing together travelers and travel brands to support the scale-up of direct air capture carbon removal.

Prior to the pandemic, travel businesses and travelers drove a global industry responsible for millions of jobs and funding for forest, ocean and wildlife conservation projects. This industry also contributed eight percent to total global carbon dioxide emissions. With this knowledge businesses and travelers are looking for solutions that balance the desire to travel and our collective responsibility for the planet.

At Tomorrow’s Air: Convene, Climate Clever Travel businesses can expect to be recognized for commitments to sustainability and climate action, as well as gain future-focused strategies for managing carbon emissions. Businesses pay $49 to register and, through attending, have an opportunity to promote their brand or services to climate-conscious travelers and receive access to trade-only content. 

Businesses may also showcase their brand with virtual booth space in the Climate Clever Inspiration Hall. Companies who sign Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency, the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s Climate Action Pledge and/or participate in carbon offsetting through Neutral Together or in carbon removal via direct air capture through Tomorrow’s Air will receive special recognition in a directory of brands to be provided to travelers after the event.

Educational and inspirational content includes a set of practical breakout sessions as well as a keynote by Nacho Dean, a dedicated explorer with a passion for communicating the beauty of our Earth and the joys of travel while building awareness and understanding about climate change. Travelers learn how to make climate clever travel decisions while planning their trips and get a fast track connection to amazing companies who have sustainability in their DNA. Businesses meet travelers during networking times or in the Climate Clever Inspiration Hall.

Traveler registration is free and travel trade registration starts at $49 with an opportunity to purchase a booth in the Climate Clevel Inspiration Hall. Registration is open. Email [email protected] inquire about booths in the Climate Clever Inspiration Hall and for questions on other partnership opportunities.


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Established in 1990, the Adventure Travel Trade Association is the largest global network of adventure travel leaders. Our community is made up of ~30,000 individual guides, tour operators, lodges, travel advisors, tourism boards, destination marketing and management organizations, outdoor educators, gear companies and travel media who share a belief and commitment to sustainable tourism. The connections and creativity of this vibrant community come together both virtually and in person to create and deliver the solutions that propel our businesses and our communities toward a responsible and profitable future.


Tomorrow’s Air

Tomorrow’s Air is the world’s first collective of travelers, travel service providers and travel brands who remove up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere via direct air capture to clean and preserve our air for future generations. Incubated by the Adventure Travel Trade Association, Tomorrow’s Air combines the wisdom and connections the ATTA has established over nearly 20 years of supporting sustainable travel businesses and their entrepreneurial leaders with innovation to remove carbon from the atmosphere and permanently store it, while inspiring and enabling a global collective to join the cause.