Eye on the Industry: Plastic-Free Flights, Receding Glaciers, and Hidden Facebook Marketing Tools

12 February 2019

Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) team members frequently share breaking news, helpful information, and trend highlights with each other. Below is a curated list of the industry news, global updates, and operational ideas we’ve been reading and discussing over the past several weeks that we think you’ll also find informative, inspiring, and intriguing.


Industry News

Sex, Power, and the Outdoor Industry (SNEWS) - Fifty-four percent of women and 19 percent of men responding to SNEWS’ recent survey on sexual harassment, sexual assault, and workplace bias reported they’ve been victimized. This article details the survey findings and ways companies can immediately address sexual harassment and assault.

The New York Times Misfires With 52 Places to Go List (Skift) - With easy access to inspiration and destination information, do today’s travelers really need “where to go” lists anymore?

In Angola, Conservationists Make the Case for a Massive New National Park (Atlas Obscura) - Angola’s tumultuous history makes it a hotspot for conservation efforts, and those hoping to protect its natural assets currently have their eye on an area of land larger than the state of Tennessee.

The World's First Plastic-Free Flight is Here – But Will Other Airlines Follow? (Telegraph) - The Hi Fly charter airline hopes to adopt a plastic-free policy on all of its flights by the end of 2019.

A Tourist Family’s Bad Behavior Has New Zealand Rethinking Its Welcome Mat (New York Times) - The country expects 5 million visitors by 2024, and destination representatives are concerned local infrastructure isn’t ready to handle the influx of travelers.

Global Issues

The Inspiring Thing That Happened When a Japanese Village Went Almost Waste-Free (World Economic Forum) - Grassroots efforts turned waste reduction into a sense of pride for the entire community.

Carbon Capture Is the Only Way to Address the World’s Climate Blindspots (GreenBiz) - Carbon capture and storage isn’t a perfect solution for addressing the world’s climate issues, but it may be one way to deeply reduce its carbon footprint.

How Preserving Folktales and Legends Help Raise Environment Awareness in the Mekong (Global Voices) - A multi-year project to collect stories from Indigenous communities along the Mekong is bringing awareness to over-exploitation of natural resources and helping to preserve cultural heritage.

A Running List of Action on Plastic Pollution (National Geographic) - This ongoing list of actions and policies in destinations around the world is a snapshot of the efforts meant to curb plastic consumption.

Rising Temperatures Could Melt Most Himalayan Glaciers by 2100 (New York Times) - The Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment noted the region’s glaciers are in danger from climate change, and the consequences will result in disruptions to food and water supplies as well as mass population displacement.

This Robot Plants Heat-Resistant Corals to Save Endangered Reefs (Popular Science) - A robot is dispersing coral larvae off Australia’s coast to breathe life back into the Great Barrier Reef.

Business Tips

LinkedIn Research Reveals the Value of Soft Skills (Fast Company) - How companies can determine which job applicants excel in creativity, persuasion, and collaboration, the top three most in-demand soft skills companies seek today.

B2B Marketing to Millennials: 7 Things You Need to Start Doing Right Now (Relevance) - Researched-backed suggestions companies can use to reach this tech-savvy demographic.

17 Hidden Facebook Marketing Tools That Will Increase Your Engagement by 154% (Neil Patel) - One of the web’s top social media experts offers step-by-step tips for getting the most out of Facebook marketing efforts.

How Do We Really Feel About Women Leaders? (World Economic Forum) - The inaugural Reykjavik Index for Leadership indicates progress in how the G7 nations view women in leadership positions, but there’s still room for improvement.

How to Unlock Your Team’s Creativity (Harvard Business Review) - A leadership coach offers suggestions to encourage creative thinking.

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