Eye on the Industry: Balancing Privacy and Personalization, Boracay Island Reopens, and Powerful Peer Coaching

13 November 2018

Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) team members frequently share news, helpful information, and trend highlights with each other — and we want to share our finds with you. This is a selection of the industry news, global updates, and operational ideas we’ve been reading and discussing over the past several weeks.

Industry News

Destination Marketers Want to Manage Tourists, Not Just Sell to Them (Skift) - As destinations grapple with overtourism, tourism boards and travel advisors are reconsidering how they portray the places they represent.

How the Travel Industry Is Using Visual Storytelling to Bring Its Economic Impact into Clear View (Content Standard) - Case studies from two destinations successfully using storytelling to show guests how tourism has a positive impact.

5 Leaders Growing Indigenous Participation in the Outdoor Industry (SNEWS) - Profiles of five Natives in the United States supporting experiences on ancestral lands and amplifying the voices of other Indigenous people working in the industry.

Balancing Privacy and Personalization for Today’s Empowered Traveler (Skift) - Travel marketers should adopt best practices as they utilize customer data in order to personalize travel experiences.

Travelers Less Concerned with Social Media, Destination Politics When Finding and Planning Travel (tnooz) - A recent research study found travelers increasingly rely on technology during their travels but look toward their own interests and hobbies for travel influence.

The Tourism Curse (Foreign Policy) - Tourism can have unintended consequences, particularly in developing nations, but the author of this article argues it should be just one pillar in an overall economic development plan.

Sexual Misconduct and Gender Bias in the Outdoor Industry (SNEWS) - The SNEWS staff is encouraging everyone, whether they have experienced sexual misconduct and gender bias in the outdoor and adventure industry, to participate in this research survey, which closes 19 November.

Global Issues

No More Beach Parties When Philippines' Boracay Island Reopens (Bloomberg) - The popular island destination has reopened with visitation caps, a ban on certain recreational activities, and an eye toward sustainable tourism.

Colombia Creates the World’s Largest Tropical Rainforest National Park (Positive News) - Serranía de Chiribiquete, which has a rich array of biodiversity and cultural heritage, was recently enlarged to the size of Denmark.

Nepal Roars with Pride to Become the First Country to Double Its Wild Tigers by 2022 (Global Voices) - Nepal has initiated several measures to save and increase its tiger population including working to curb illicit wildlife trade, increasing the size of protected tiger territory, and managing grasslands for conservation.

Plastic to Ride: Indonesians Swap Bottles for Bus Tickets (Reuters) - Commuters in Surabaya can drop off used plastic bottles in exchange for free bus rides on the red city buses.

The Big Meltdown (National Geographic) - Increasing temperatures on the Antarctic Peninsula are changing the landscape and wildlife living conditions in unexpected ways.

The Pacific Island Nation of Palau Just Became the First Country to Ban Reef-Killing Sunscreen (Fast Company) - In addition to banning sunscreens with “reef-toxic” chemicals, Palau now requires tour operators give guests reusable bottles, straws, and food containers to minimize plastic pollution.

Business Tips

How to Be Fairer to Women in Workplace Leadership (Greater Good Magazine) - Research suggests performance evaluations are biased against women in leadership positions, but there are things companies can do to minimize this bias.

How This Simple Brand Messaging Framework Helps You Tell Your Brand Story (Business 2 Community) - Defining and communicating what your company is, what it does, and why it is different — and understanding how to consistently and cohesively share that information — is made easier with a well-developed brand messaging framework.

Study Reveals Psychological Influences in Online Reviews (TravelDailyNews) - Recent research finds the length of time between product or service consumption and posting affects the review given.

How Peer Coaching Can Make Work Less Lonely (Harvard Business Review) - Helping staff cultivate a network of allies creates a mutual support system that can improve performance and increase trust within an organization.

Most of These 9 Ways to Keep Your Best Employees Don’t Cost Anything (Entrepreneur) - Keeping stellar staff requires a corporate mindset that includes ongoing engagement and showing people you care.