Explore the Heartland of Legends on AdventureWeek Cyprus

8 May 2023

Tucked in the easternmost part of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is the third-largest island in the region and has long been at the crossroads of cultures and civilizations. Its strategic location made it a natural hub for trade and migration, with evidence of human activity dating back to 10,000 BC. Today, travelers to Cyprus are spoiled for choice – think rural landscapes, remote trails, and a rich history that spans millennia.

Known for its legends, hospitality, and an age-old tradition of enjoying the simple pleasures of life, Cyprus is an ideal destination for those seeking to unwind and experience the magic of slow travel. The island's ancient ruins, Byzantine churches, and picturesque villages provide ample opportunities for cultural tourism, while the mild climate and natural beauty make Cyprus an ideal year-round destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, water sports, and more.

© Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism

With this in mind, the Adventure Travel Trade Association™ (ATTA) is pleased to announce the launch of AdventureWeek Cyprus, which will take place 17-25 October 2023. Held in partnership with the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism to promote sustainable and adventure tourism in the region, AdventureWeek Cyprus will bring together travel professionals from around the world to explore the natural wonders and cultural attractions of the island. The event will also showcase the efforts of local communities to preserve the environment and heritage of Cyprus – which include initiatives such as accessible car-free town squares and a strategic commitment to maintaining a circular economy. 

“Adventure travelers are eager to explore the inner part of the country through different activities such as biking and hiking, and as we know, they help preserve local cultures and leave higher economic impact in rural areas – which is of utmost importance for Cyprus,” said Gergana Nikolova, ATTA’s Regional Director of Europe & Central Asia. “We are honored to continue the successful partnership with Cyprus this year with AdventureWeek in October, and I cannot wait to share my story from this trip.”

The ATTA’s partnership with Cyprus began in 2019, but the official collaboration was delayed due to the pandemic. In December 2022, European outbound operators and journalists had the opportunity to experience Cyprus first-hand with AdventureFAM, where esteemed travel trade professionals (outdoor-focused tour operators, travel advisors, and media) traveled to the destination and experience a nature-based active itinerary.

Media member Simon Schöpf shared, “I joined AdventureFAM in Cyprus and found myself in a well-organized tour from the start to the finish! Always exciting to explore new destinations with great people, connected by ATTA.” Other participants expressed that they were impressed by the rich culture and history, incredible food, and the well-preserved nature.

© Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism

Cyprus is home to a number of stunning hiking trails, including a newly-designated route called the Heartland of Legends which traverses remote, mountainous terrain, and covers an inland area of traditional villages and experiences from beekeeping to winemaking. Along the way, participants will explore the Akamas Peninsula – an unspoiled wilderness area that is home to some of Cyprus's most beautiful secluded beaches, a variety of wildlife, and the Aphrodite Trail, which winds along the coast. Further inland are the hidden valleys, remote villages, and ancient monasteries of the Troodos Mountains – the highest range on the island. The Troodos Mountains feature a variety of trails for hikers of all levels in addition to activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, and caving. 

AdventureWeek Cyprus participants will also have abundant opportunities to taste the island's delicious cuisine, which reflects the island's long and complex history as a cultural crossroads. The island's most famous export is its wine – which includes a number of local varietals – and a storied history of viticulture dating back more than 4,000 years. From milling flour for baking fresh bread to learning how the traditional halloumi cheese is made, participants will also meet local producers and learn about the island's culinary traditions. 

“The AdventureFAM was a very important opportunity to showcase Cyprus to tour operators and journalists in an attempt to better promote the destination within Europe. Apart from that we received sound suggestions for improving the destination and offered services of Cyprus especially in terms of sustainability,” said Dr. Maria Socratous, an officer with the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism. “The collaboration with ATTA has proved to be invaluable and we are proceeding with an AdventureWeek this coming October. It is a great opportunity for European and American agents to have an AdventureWeek in Cyprus and enjoy a few days of sunshine accompanied with outdoor activities and amazing gastronomy!”

AdventureWeek Cyprus is designed for select European and United States-based tour operators and media who are interested in expanding their knowledge of Cyprus and its adventure travel offerings.

For more information and to apply, please visit the AdventureWeek Cyprus website. Media and buyer applications close 5 June 2023.

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