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ExOfficio Commits to Supporting the ATTA and Adventure Travel in 2017

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The well-known outdoor and travel clothing brand, ExOfficio, and the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) have partnered to promote and support adventure travel throughout 2017.


In 2016, ExOfficio supported the Disruptive Networking Adventure (DNA) event at AdventureELEVATE in Saguenay, Quebec. Photo © ATTA / Juno Kim.

ExOfficio, a longtime ATTA member and partner, became one of the five founding members of the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund (ATCF) in 2016. This year, in addition to the company’s participation in the ATCF, ExOfficio has committed its brand to supporting nearly all of ATTA’s 2017 events and has become the 2017 key partner for event clothing. Specifically, the brand will be:


“At ExOfficio we believe that worldly exploration, whether you seek different cultures, epic scenery, or the thrill of the unknown, opens your mind to the wonders of the world,” said Brian Thompson, general manager at ExOfficio. “In our 30 years of helping travelers explore their worlds, we have built many long-lasting partnerships with none more important than the one we have with the ATTA. We are thrilled to be joining with the ATTA this year as their key partner for event clothing. It’s an honor for us to be supporting the amazing work they are doing around the world.”

ExOfficio underwear is known and loved by the ATTA community. It is a common topic of discussion among members, and many adventure travelers won’t leave home without a pair or two. “ExOfficio has been a partner of ATTA for more than 10 years and has consistently evolved and grown with the customer and the industry,” said Shannon Stowell, founder of the ATTA. “This particular partnership has been symbiotic, driving both organizations forward, helping achieve mutual goals, and even helping to launch a powerful industry non-profit organization together.”


ExOfficio’s Amy Brown and Brian Thompson committing their support to the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund at the 2016 Adventure Travel World Summit in Anchorage, Alaska. Photo © ATTA / Hassen Salum.

Members may remember the company’s first underwear giveaway, which took place at the 2009 Quebec Adventure Travel World Summit. The love of their underwear continued with AdventureELEVATE (remember the #underwhere campaign?), and the ExOfficio underwear giveaway is now an integral part of event’s DNA Happy Hour networking event.

ATTA’s partnership with ExOfficio is a natural fit, as the brand has grown and developed alongside the adventure travel industry. Evolving from functional zipper pants to more contemporary travel apparel, the company has always been aware of the changing needs and desires of the adventurer traveler. “Good trips depend on good clothing and gear,” Stowell said, “and we’ve all come to rely on ExOfficio’s dependable clothing.”

About ExOfficio

exo-300x31-4ExOfficio believes that the magic of travel, whether you seek different cultures, epic scenery, or the thrill of the unknown, is a chance to create perspective and vitality by opening your mind to the wonders of the world. Since 1987, ExOfficio has celebrated the traveler by crafting garments that allow one to experience the world unhindered. Intelligently designed products with tangible benefits—including the best-selling Give-N-Go® underwear collection and lightweight, wrinkle-free fabrics with bug, sun, and water protection—are focused on one goal: comfortable performance. ExOfficio is sold internationally, online, and in specialty outdoor and travel stores, including five of their own flagship stores in the U.S. For more information about ExOfficio, visit

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