Early Enthusiasm Mounts for 2018 Adventure Travel World Summit in Tuscany, Italy: Marketplace Mostly Sold Out

7 November 2017

On the heels of the successful 2017 Adventure Travel World Summit held in Salta, Argentina, last month, the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and the adventure travel industry are already gearing up for the 2018 Adventure Travel World Summit, which will be held 15-18 October in Tuscany’s Montecatini Terme, Italy.

The news about the 2018 Summit location came in the form of a surprise announcement after the closing of an evening plenary session in Salta. In the spirit of the adventure travel community, three years of Summit hosts — Anchorage, Alaska; Salta, Argentina; and Tuscany, Italy — took the stage to take part in the long-standing tradition of “passing the baton” as the 2017 Argentine hosts presented the 2018 Tuscan hosts with a one-of-a-kind, personal poncho made in Salta as a symbol of continuing the Summit legacy.

Four generations of Summit hosts. From left to right: Jorge Moller Rivas (Chile, 2015); David Kasser (Alaska, 2016); Fernando Escudero (Salta, 2017); Marta Javarone (Tuscany, 2018). Photo © ATTA / Willa Kammerer

Since the announcement about the 2018 Adventure Travel World Summit location was made at the October event, the ATTA has seen an unprecedented surge of early interest in next year’s annual event. Most of the Marketplace tables have already been purchased and more than 100 delegates have confirmed their attendance.

Known especially for its culinary and wine offerings, cultural heritage, and historical roots, representatives from Tuscany are poised to showcase the destination’s diverse and multifaceted adventure travel offerings before and during the 2018 Summit. “We are extremely excited to host the Adventure Travel World Summit 2018 and to see how the world will react to this unconventional and new adventurous side of Tuscany,” said Alberto Peruzzini, general director of Toscana Promozione Turistica. “Indeed, the adventure will be on unbeaten, but still interesting, tracks of Tuscany. We are sure this will develop the focus Tuscany has always had on sustainable development.”  

During the Summit in Salta, Argentina, we heard from Marta Javarone from Toscana Promozione Turistica, who shared a special invitation and a peek into what is in store for delegates attending the Adventure Travel World Summit being held 15-18 October 2018 in Montecatini Terme, Tuscany, Italy.

Located at the foot of the Apennine Mountains, Montecatini Terme is a picturesque hilltop city centrally located in Tuscany, offering a perfect balance of outdoor excursions and the relaxed Tuscan lifestyle. It is known throughout Europe for its wellness spas and thermal baths. 

Tuscany representatives are developing more than 20 itineraries for Summit delegates featuring the more adventurous side of the region with activities such as rafting, sailing, climbing, diving, bird-watching, trekking, canyoning, and more. In September, Tuscany hosted an ATTA AdventureWeek showcasing some of these itineraries and activities, already piquing the interest of international outbound operators, travel agents, and journalists.

Tuscany showcased its burgeoning adventurous itineraries during AdventureWeek Tuscany. Photo © ATTA / Fredrik Bye View photos from Tuscany.

“Holding the Adventure Travel World Summit in Tuscany is particularly exciting for us because, while the region is known globally for its arts, cities, and food, this event will help the destination amplify its commitment to adventure tourism as well. Our partners in the region are introducing tourism offerings in rural areas with experiences that highlight the vast natural and cultural resources while also leaving a lasting, positive impact on the local economy,” said Casey Hanisko, the ATTA’s president of business services and events. “Holding the Summit in Tuscany is the result of a multi-year vision that included an ATTA reconnaissance trip and AdventureWeek Tuscany held earlier this year, both of which helped prime the area’s adventure tourism leaders and products in preparation to host the industry’s leading adventure tourism event.”

Registration is now open for the Adventure Travel World Summit in Tuscany 15-18 October 2018. Stay notified of Summit developments.