Carbon Removal Innovator Tomorrow’s Air Wins Newsweek’s 2021 Future of Travel Visionary Category

15 September 2021

For the travel and tourism sector, it’s as much a time of reimagining and rebuilding as it is a time of intensifying awareness and urgency around addressing climate change. It is fitting then that Tomorrow’s Air, a leading example of a business creating community and education enabling carbon removal at scale, has won Newsweek’s 2021 Future of Travel Visionary Category.

Incubated by the Adventure Travel Trade Association, an established global community of sustainable travel professionals and businesses, Tomorrow’s Air passionately meets the travel industry calls for “responsible recovery” with a fresh, creative mindset. It enables travellers, travel businesses, and other travel industry stakeholders - from destinations to gear brands and technology partners - to participate in carbon removal with permanent storage at affordable price points. 

Newsweek’s Kathleen Rellihan said, “Tomorrow's Air's carbon recapture with permanent storage provides travelers a tangible, affordable way to do their part in the climate crisis, and keeps inspiring real climate action within its global community.”

By joining this visionary collective, participants in Tomorrow’s Air are personally helping to bring about a future where everyone can enjoy fresh air and a stable climate. With a monthly subscription members pioneer a carbon-free travel ecosystem: supporting carbon dioxide removal and permanent storage provided via direct air capture. In addition, members of the collective enjoy savings and special offers from companies also joining in the mission. Destination partners fund carbon removal with permanent storage alongside traveler and travel trade education to help activate their audiences.  

Tomorrow’s Air carbon dioxide removal partner Climeworks is pre-eminent in providing atmospheric direct air capture carbon removal and was recently recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer. Its landmark direct air capture facility is the first of its kind in the world; global customers include Stripe, Microsoft, Swiss Re among many other distinguished companies.  

The win in the Visionary category by Tomorrow’s Air is another signal of a global travel community ready to band together for greater impact, actively embracing creative, expansive new ideas to the seemingly intractable problem of climate change. “It was a journey to Antarctica that catalyzed the creation of Tomorrow’s Air. Our adventures in the world inspire us to do all we can to sustain it,” said Tomorrow’s Air co-founder Christina Beckmann. “We know that travel is a powerful global industry with the reach and power to make a difference for climate, we just needed a vision and place to bring us all together, and now we have Tomorrow’s Air.”

Visit Tomorrow’s Air to learn more about carbon removal, join the Artists for Air network, explore traveler benefits or purchase a monthly carbon removal and storage plan.