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Bella Coola Heli Sports First to Include Sustainable Aviation Fuel Through Tomorrow’s Air in Sustainability Strategy

28 November 2023

Bella Coola Heli Sports, a recognized leader in sustainable travel, has become the first travel company to purchase sustainable aviation fuel as part of its sustainability strategy through Tomorrow’s Air. At the forefront of climate action with an established emissions measurement and reduction strategy in place since 2019, Bella Coola Heli Sports’ Legacy Fund directs funding to worthy projects ranging from conservation efforts in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest, to community support for health, culture, and building resilience, to climate action with purchases of sustainable aviation fuel through Tomorrow’s Air. 

Owner Beat Steiner says, “More than most businesses, we are impacted by climate change and are acutely aware that this impact is accelerating. Shorter winter seasons and melting glaciers are restricting our ability to run ski programs, while our summer season faces threats from the increasing occurrence of uncontrolled wildfires and extreme rain-induced flooding. Fighting climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions is our generation's biggest challenge and we are delighted to include sustainable aviation fuel alongside our other emissions reductions efforts.” 

Through its partnership with Tomorrow’s Air, Bella Coola Heli Sports supports climate education in travel and funds a purchase of 6,000 liters (4.8 tonnes) of Neste sustainable aviation fuel. The sustainable aviation fuel is expected to result in a reduction of approximately 14.04 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions (calculated at 3.8 kg of Co2 equivalent per tonne of jet fuel), representing a 1.25% decrease for the current operating year. While the company acknowledges that this is just the beginning of its efforts, it marks an important milestone in supporting the ongoing development of this technology with the goal of significantly increasing utilization in the years to come.

Sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF, is a biofuel that can be used to power aircraft and can be made from a variety of renewable sources (feedstocks). The sustainable aviation fuel offered through Tomorrow’s Air is produced by Finnish supplier Neste. It is made from sustainably sourced, 100% renewable waste and residue raw materials like used cooking oil and animal fat waste. All Neste suppliers are required to commit to its Supplier Code of Conduct, which includes criteria on climate, environment, human and labor rights, and ethical business conduct. 

“The sustainable travel community has been asking to support the expansion of sustainable aviation fuel since we first introduced innovative solutions for climate at our 2019 Climate Action Leadership Studio,” observed Tomorrow’s Air co-creator Christina Beckmann. “Having recognized leaders like Bella Coola Heli Sports take the first steps with sustainable aviation fuel purchases will hopefully inspire others to incorporate SAF into their climate strategies, too.”

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the use of sustainable aviation fuels was only 0.1% of the total jet fuel demand in 2022 so action is needed to ramp-up SAF production. Regulatory and policy support for SAF production expansion are important but will take time. Consumers have the opportunity to help accelerate SAF scale-up today, and this is where Tomorrow’s Air comes in. With a mission of educating, inspiring, and mobilizing travel to help expand the use of necessary innovations such as sustainable aviation fuel, Tomorrow’s Air is making it easy for businesses like BCHS to purchase sustainable aviation fuel and educate their travelers and partners about its benefits. 

“For travelers, a meaningful measure to minimize the emissions from flying in the short term, is sustainable aviation fuel. Neste is very inspired by the support from the travel community and sees it as a critical partner in decarbonizing air travel alongside key actions from all stakeholders: governments, airlines, airports, travel agencies and customers alike,” said Susanne Bouma, Head of Partnerships & Programs from Neste’s Renewable Aviation business unit. 

Supporting climate education and adding SAF to your company’s sustainability strategy is easy with Tomorrow’s Air. Learn more from Bella Coola, Neste and Tomorrow's Air in this video. Inquire about making a contribution or design a custom partnership today.

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