Behind the Scenes: ATTA Tour Operators Share Challenges, Trends and Opportunities

16 February 2012

Adventure Travel Trade Association's Tour Operators Speak Out on What's Ahead

We strive in AdventureTravelNews to cover the trends, topics and developments that matter most to our ATTA membership and our industry readership, as part of fostering a community that shares knowledge and creates an environment of open collaboration and learning. In that vein, we reached out to over 50 of ATTA's 450+ member tour operators to answer a series of questions on the trends, shifts and developments that they see occurring in their respective areas of our industry and within their own enterprises in the next eighteen months. Of the more than half that responded, voices from 15 different countries - and representing operators of all types and sizes - sounded off about everything from managing guest expectations and online presence to dealing with disruptions of technology, politics and climate. Below are the five questions and their responses.

Editor's Note: Opinions and ideas expressed by the contributors do not necessarily reflect the perspectives of the ATTA. We have purposefully tried not to edit the contributions to ensure first-hand accounts, but made basic grammar edits to ensure ease of reading and/or to improve understanding only.

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