What are the top three markets you are pursuing?

16 February 2012

Marty von Neudegg - Director Of Corporate Services and General Counsel at CMH Heli-Skiing & Summer Adventures
1. Women skiers.  Women have been selling themselves short on adventure trips for far too long.  They have equal or better ability than men, but they tend to underestimate their skills.  Men overestimate so they are easier to convince to try an adventure.
2.  New skiers and hikers from around the world who have not heard of Heli-Skiing or CMH Summer Adventures, or even considered Canada as a ski or mountain destination.
3.  A younger group of skiers and mountain enthusiasts from Gen X and younger who are at the point in their lives where they can explore the great mountains of Canada on their own terms.  They want new types of adventures and new learning experiences in shorter periods of time.

Pepe Lopez - Manager at Apumayo Expediciones Peru
Families, affordable luxury and special interest / custom design as our destination is very diverse.

Rob Rankin - Managing Director of Vagabond Adventure Tours of Ireland
Geographically our big three are North America, Germany and Australia. Demographically we have attracted more and more families over the years, and this is an area we will continue to target. We also target nice, relaxed people with a sense of humor.

Jiří Mikulec - ETOURS TRAVEL of the Czech Republic
U.S. - 60+ clients for adventure trips

Christian Wolters - Director, Sales and Marketing at Intrepid Travel Americas
Women 20-39
Adult couples 45+

Michael Mettler - Managing Director of Baumeler Travel Ltd.
1. LOHAS (Lifestyles of health and sustainability) but also with a touch of exclusivity and glamour
2. Premium clients with high income
3. Young adventure travellers looking for international groups, authentic contact, guaranteed departures, exclusive adventures, etc.

Ben Bressler - Founder & Director, Natural Habitat Adventures
In terms of North Americans, we pursue families and baby-boomers primarily. We also pursue the U.K. market on a wholesale basis.

Tim Jacox -  Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing of InnerSea Discoveries & American Safari Cruises
Multi-generational families; international travelers, especially Europe and Australia/New Zealand; affinity groups.

Sally Dowden - Owner of Speyside Wildlife
Our repeat bookings and personal recommendations continue to be the bedrock of the business, so continuing our personal contact with these will be top of the list, together with European outbound operators looking for the small group experience and single travellers who continue to want to holiday with like-minded people.

Angelina Fourkioti-  Incoming Sales Manager, Trekking Hellas Group of Companies
We are currently focusing on American, Canadian, English and German travelers. Aiming specifically at adventure & outdoor travelers that we are reaching worldwide via tour operators for whom we are creating and operating trips. We are currently mostly selling to baby boomers and partly to Generation X.

Omar Samra - Founder & Chief Guanabana, Wild Guanabana
Geographical source markets are a big one for us and this is why we have two offices at the moment. Even though the language is the same, the market behaviors are so different it necessitates physical presence to properly address it. We're also targeting the honeymoon market with non-traditional getaways as this is a market that has proved resilient to recent market instability, and finally the voluntourism market which is in its nascence in our part of the world.

Jorge Pérez Tierra del Volcan
We focus our marketing in USA, Canada and Europe, between 40-60 years old, with a higher level of education and an interest in nature. We offer great family experiences, with opportunities for bonding but at the same time offer something for everyone. Our Traveling with Meaning programs appeal to the market that wants to go beyond visiting and is looking to give back, have encounters with his/her inner self.  We also have great options for the juveniles (16-24), like our four elements training camps where they learn how to explore and use correctly the four elements of nature. We like this market, because it's a great group for creating loyalty, they're in the perfect age to travel and grow through these kind of experiences, and their parents pay for it.

Sonja Gottlebe-Ranarivelo -  Manager / Owner Boogie Pilgrim
Europe (Germany, UK, France), Australia, South Africa (mostly as a hub for U.S., Australia and a little for South Africans). Our typical Madagascar tourist is 48-65, wealthy, travelling without children, used to exotic destinations, and the  average stay is 14 days. He is mainly interested in nature, sometimes even special interest topics like birdwatching, orchids, baobabs, lémurs, etc.

Bruno Toutain of Cyclomundo
We are focusing this year on Brazil and Northern Europe (mainly Denmark, Sweden, and Norway). In both cases, we are targeting the very fit 35 to 50 year old who tends to travel in groups.

Douglas Simões – Pure Brasil Director
US/Canada -  mid/upscale on active trips

Kate Reid - Director, Call of the Wild Inc.
We are revisiting Western Europe with the depreciation of the Euro, Scandinavia as it polls very high in client interest and all things South America as it's red hot at the moment with clients.

Debbie Hendricks - Co-Owner, Just Roughin' It
Since all our marketing is Google, we don't have a strategy to focus on a particular demographic - our demographic is dictated by those who pursue us (working or retired professionals ages 40-60 on average - mostly from US).  However, what little advertising we do, is targeting to more niche groups such as adventure racers or endurance athletes to market our more difficult trips that require a certain mentality and fitness level to accomplish.

Tiger Li - Founder, Diverse China
China outbound:  Europe and Great Britain; North and Central America; Oceania
China inbound: North America; Oceania; Great Britain and Germany

Mandip Singh Soin FRGS - Founder & Managing Director of Ibex Expeditions Private Limited
USA and Canada are leading with an age range of 40-70 years. At one end, there are professional and serious amateur mountaineers for Himalayan expeditions and at the other end, there are luxury travellers wanting gentle adventure, mostly wildlife safaris with a mix of culture in India. The other source market is the South American countries, especially Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile and Peru. Australia and New Zealand have much promise for special interest safaris which are intensely interwoven with cultural experiences.

Nicole Robinson - &Beyond Commercial Director
USA, Latin America and Australia

Elín Sigurveig Sigurðardóttir - General Manager - Icelandic Mountain Guides
North American market, French market and High-end Adventure seekers.

Claire Antell -  U.K. Representative of Wilderness Explorers
We are looking to develop our business from North America, Australia and other strong economies such as Brazil, as well as consolidate business from our traditional markets in Europe. Whilst voluntourism and educational tourism begins to grow in the Guianas, our core demographic group is the 40+ seasoned traveller.

Marie-Pier Mercier - Marketing Coordinator at Quebec Maritime
French-speaking Europe, particularly France, is a natural market for us because of our cultural ties and common language. In Canada, Ontario and the Maritimes are adjacent markets that respond well to our offers. At all times, we target an educated market segment, without children and with above-average income. Specific marketing strategies are used year after year to reach these niche audiences.

Norman Howe -  President of Butterfield & Robinson
We will continue to focus on the North American Market, Brazil, Australia and the Spanish-speaking market in South America. B&R targets active affluent travellers primarily between the ages of 35-65.

Steve Markle - Director of Sales & Marketing at O.A.R.S.
We continue to focus our marketing efforts primarily on the North American consumer, although we still see good opportunities in the U.K. & Australia. We also have a tertiary interest in the Brazilian market, but with limited resources, we may not get there in the next 18 months. In North America, our target market is the 50+ empty-nesters, women 40+ and the family market. From what we're seeing, families are ready to travel again and looking for meaningful experiences to share with each other. Our goal is to be at the top of the search results with relevant and engaging content when these families start to research their travel options.