ATTA and GRAYL Launch Initiative to Curb Single-Use Plastic Bottle Pollution

6 March 2018

The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and GRAYL®, makers of innovative water filtration and purification products for safe drinking water, are partnering on an initiative to inspire and empower travelers and adventure travel agencies to reduce their dependency on single-use plastic water bottles. Together, the ATTA and GRAYL share a vision of an industry-wide commitment to protect precious travel resources.

GRAYL products make it easy for travelers to drink safe, filtered water wherever in the world they venture.

“One million plastic bottles are purchased every minute, yet in the developing world only two percent of plastic is recycled. As an industry, we must act together to free ourselves from our dependency on the single-use plastics that are choking our natural resources and threatening the very places in which our industry thrives," said GRAYL CEO Andrew Weber.

This new initiative is designed to challenge adventure travel companies to become part of the solution to curb global single-use plastic pollution. “We’re thrilled to work with GRAYL as its products and goals align with a cause the ATTA cares about — the reduction of single-use plastic waste in the environment,” said Shannon Stowell, CEO of the ATTA. “GRAYL has changed the way I personally consume water, both in outdoor recreation and during travel experiences. I no longer use single-use plastic water bottles. I now make my own clean water in hotels, airports, and even mountain streams. Having tested it extensively in Asia and South America, I can attest that GRAYL is packable, easy to use, convenient, and has absolutely kept me healthy!”

The partnership between the Adventure Travel Trade Association and GRAYL dissuades people from using single-use plastic bottles, helping to preserve wilderness areas adventure travelers seek.

Adventure travel leaders are invited to join the initiative in reducing single-use plastic from landfills and waterways, starting with their own companies. By participating, adventure travel companies will use fewer single-use bottles, appeal to environmentally oriented travelers, and save money buying and transporting cases of bottled water. ATTA members will receive exclusive member discounts on GRAYL® Ultralight Purifier bottles. Ten percent of sales from the campaign will be donated to the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund.

Companies interested in participating in the initiative are encouraged to learn more about the partnership.