Adventure Travel Trade Association Becomes Official Partner of Switzerland Tourism in their Newly Announced Swisstainable Strategy in Tourism

31 March 2021

During the first in Europe AdventureELEVATE virtual event (24-25 March 2021) the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and Switzerland Tourism (ST) announced their two-year collaboration with focus on Sustainability.

During the next two years, Switzerland will partner with ATTA on knowledge gathering and sharing, education, market activation, and awareness campaigns across ATTA trade and consumer channels. These will provide more tools and insights for the industry overall and will amplify tourism opportunities and sustainability success stories from Switzerland. Additionally, as ATTA’s Global Exclusive Sustainability Destination Partner, Switzerland Tourism will support the ATTA's event emissions measurement efforts and carbon offsetting that supports nature based solutions through Neutral Together and carbon removal via direct air capture and permanent storage through Tomorrow's Air.

“Despite all the difficulties we currently face, let’s never forget - the future of tourism is bright because it is sustainable. In Switzerland, the tourism industry as a whole has just launched an initiative to renew its full commitment to sustainability. And on top of that, we have even created a new term - “Swisstainable” - sustainability, the Swiss way,” shared Martin Nydegger, CEO of Switzerland Tourism. Switzerland’s sustainability (Swisstainable) strategy’s goal is to become the most sustainable travel destination in the world.

“And to fulfill this promise - we chose to work even more closely with the world’s largest and most important global network of adventure travel leaders. We share the absolute commitment of the Adventure Travel Trade Association to sustainable tourism.”

The joint activities between the two organizations will lead to further inspiring the global community to use successful tools and insights and lean on the industry’s experience when applying sustainability practices as they prepare their reopening strategies.

Current travel trends highlight that travelers, especially adventure travelers, have higher expectations of both destinations and service providers to be offering sustainable experiences and be operating sustainably.

“After almost 20 years of collaboration with Switzerland Tourism, it has naturally led to this important partnership. Switzerland is a leader in adventure and they are not known to rest when innovation and strategy can lead to practices that are good for travelers, for their home, their community, and for the future of travel overall,” said Casey Hanisko, President, ATTA. “We believe that this collaboration will be highly beneficial for the global adventure community and we look forward to supporting Switzerland in becoming the most sustainable tourism destination in the world.”