Sold-out Peru Tours and Galapagos Cruises Indicate Adventure Travel Rebound

Missoula, MT – The award-winning tour operator Adventure Life, whose adventure travel options include small group Latin American tours and worldwide expedition cruises, has experienced a surge in advance reservations of Galapagos cruises and Peru tours for the 2013 summer season. Fewer last-minute discount seekers for Galapagos cruises, sold-out ships, and longer reservation lead times on Inca Trail tours point to a resurgence in the adventure travel industry not seen in recent years, according to representatives. For more information, call Adventure Life at 800-344-6118 or visit

“Our Inca Trail passes are already sold-out through August 15th,” said Adventure Life General Manager Jonathan Brunger. “And for most summer weeks, there are only a handful of options remaining for Galapagos cruises.”

Adventure Life has more than 30 tours to Peru, ranging from exploring Machu Picchu by train, to culturally-focused culinary tours, to trekking the Inca Trail in multiple different ways. The Missoula, Montana based company also offers an array of cruises or hotel-based tours on the Galapagos Islands.

“Those wanting to a summer vacation to Peru or Galapagos need to get started with their planning now,” said Brunger. “I predict within two months most of the summer season will be sold-out.”

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