ATTA Releases Updated Brand, Reflecting Global Reach

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Full Agenda Released and 50 Spaces Remain as World Summit Draws Near


Out in Front: Tracking Women’s Leadership in Adventure Travel

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Summit Leadership Studio Empowers, Equips Women Working in Adventure


With a Commitment to Gender Equality, ATTA Openly Shares Its Related Initiatives

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Adventure Junky App a Game-Changer for the Travel Industry

At ITB Berlin 2017, Australian start-up Adventure Junky presented tourism professionals with both a world’s first experience and a lot of fun. The Adventure Junky app, Earth’s Adventure Travel Game, is the result of three years of research and development and an ambitious goal that reimagines the way the world travels. Adventure Junky co-founder Fuchsia......

One for One Travel Alliance Launches


Philanthropic travel company Elevate Destinations is launching the One for One Travel Alliance, a new collective of travel businesses working together to democratize tourism by donating travel experiences to underserved...

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ATTA Members Give Back

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The adventure travel community is a generous bunch. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of adventure travel companies build some sort of public service component or opportunity to give back to the...