Corumbá, Brazil’s Cross-Border Initiatives with Bolivia and Chile

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Adventure Videos: Alaska’s Fatbiking to Fishing Stories


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Kurdistan – “The Other Iraq” Open and Ready

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A Better Way to Build Adventures

In an article about the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s AdventureWeek Brazil, ATTA President Shannon Stowell floated the idea of “waking” a destination to the realization that “what they imagine outsiders will enjoy and want to experience might be very different from what they are currently offering.” Our thoughts exactly. As more travelers look for exciting......

Tropic Ecuador Introduces IsaMar Hotel


Tropic Ecuador has taken their commitment to the Galapagos Islands to the next level by assuming the representation of the Isabela Lodge on Isabela Island. The hotel will be reborn...

24th World Travel Monitor® Forum


Tourism is still on growth path despite terror attacks and political unrest. Although there is no impact on the overall volume of worldwide outbound trips this year, there are changes...