Chicago Tribune Reviews Pick-Pocket Proof Pants™

ATTA Member Clothing Arts and their Pick-Pocket Proof Pants™ got a fantastic review in the Chicago Tribune, published Sunday, May 14th, in the Travel Section on page four. Highlights pulled directly from the article:


P-cubed Pants; photo from

How they work: Large pockets with zippers and buttons make unauthorized access difficult, if not impossible.

There are six exterior pockets … [a]nd they’re all secure. You’ll feel so emboldened, you’ll want to wander through a crowd of grabby street urchins.

The good: They were quite comfortable … [f]or soil resistance, I tested with a splash of mustard ground into the pants and left to dry; it washed out easily.

The bad: If there was a negative, it was that with all that storage room, you might have trouble remembering where you stashed your stuff.

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