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ZORB Limited

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The ZORB mission is to provide an adventure activity that provides people with a unique adventure experience that takes them out of their comfort zone yet is safe, fun, and memorable. ZORB is a global brand which we aim to keep at the forefront of adventure tourism.

ZORB is in the Adventure Tourism Industry and provides a unique, quality, adrenaline-filled adventure experience that is safe, fun, and great for all ages. We pride ourselves on providing a unique experience that is remembered for years to come.

ZORB are the inventors of the sport known as globe riding – the sport of rolling people down a hill in large inflatable balls – and are a global brand leader for the activity. ZORB has been operating for over 14years and has worked hard to establish itself as a leader in the global adventure tourism industry.

Our service is based around providing a unique experience whereby we roll people down a specially designed hill in large plastic globes. With a number of ride variations (wet, dry, and with friends) there is something for everyone. It is an experience that will be remembered for years to come, and something that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

We do not sell our ZORB globes, what we do sell is the experience at one of our dedicated sites (i.e. our product).

Our primary market is 18-35yr old adventure/adrenaline seekers who enjoy trying something new and unique, and who aren’t afraid of being removed from their comfort zone. They look for something fun and entertaining.

We also focus on group travelers, families, teens and tweens, younger adventure kids (8-12yrs) and those mature audiences (60yrs +) who live life to the full and are always looking for something new and adventurous to keep them on their toes!

ZORB currently has two company-owned sites: one in Rotorua, New Zealand; and the other in the Smoky Mountains, Pigeon Forge, TN, USA. We also have an ever-expanding franchise network that will see a number of new franchises establishing themselves in the ZORB family. We are always looking for new potential franchisees. We carefully select locations around the world based on strict criteria and match these locations with suitable candidates to own/manage the franchise. If you feel you are an credible candidate be sure to get in touch with us.

Special Interest in Connecting with the Adventure Travel Community (e.g., networking, marketing strategy development, research, partnerships/alliances, sustainable travel, insurance needs, etc.)
Interested in networking and Marketing; Partnerships through franchising; Suppliers & Business Relationships; Research; Group tour organisers and travel agents.

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  1. Samantha R. Silva

    I am a 40 Acres land owner in Sri Lanka. and seeking to invest in tourism industry in many ways. My land is situated in Dambulla. (Central part of the country) It is facing the A6 highway from Colombo to Trinco and where we started a small Restaurant in two years back. (64 Seatings now and hope to expand to 150 by December) And the other end of my land is facing a river called Dambulu oya.
    In my vicinity there are several hotels and mainly there are more than 3000 rooms in this tourism zone. World known 8th Wonder Sigiriya is less than 20Km away.
    Part of my land have the required gradient and may be needed some earth fillings and cuttings too. We already have the BIGGUN (USA made) sprinkler system to maintain the required green for the rolling track. In ten years time back we have operated 100 Nos Buffalo dairy farm in this land, and we still have 25 nos Stock with us. Our main intention now is to get in to tourism industry strongly and with the facilities we are having we believe we should select the adventure tourism for gain more benefits. please advise us to start our new venture.

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