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Zimbabwe: Introduce Dual Pricing System, Mzembi Tells Tour Operators

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According to an article on All Africa by Patrick Chitumba, the Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Zimbabwe,  Walter Mzembi, has indicated that tour operators must introduce a dual pricing system for domestic and international tourists or face government regulation, as locals are being pushed out of the industry due to high prices. Recently, the  Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority local entry fees of US$7, as opposed to the regular US$30. However, adventure operators maintain prices unreasonable for local families to afford:

Rates for both locals and international tourists per person charged by operators include sunset boat cruise US$40, walk with the lions US$90, elephant ride US$90, bungee jumping US$120, game drive US$110, airport transfer to town US$20 one way.

Mzembi stated:

Locals do not have excess income like regional or international tourists and the fact that they were beginning to understand and appreciate tourism means there is a need to give them favourable rates and not tax them. We are working on new regulations on the issue of rates aimed at empowering locals by means of connecting them to our abundant resources, our own heritage. It is unfortunate that we have existing Shylocks in the sector who are holding the permits in trust on behalf of Zimbabweans who want to hold us at ransom.

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