YouLi Platform Empowers Transformational Tour Operators to Scale at Low Cost

14 February 2022

2021 hit the travel industry hard, so the creators of YouLi, an Australian female-founded travel tech startup, are on a mission to support group adventure businesses in rebuilding in 2022 with the software tools that help professionals design and manage unique travel experiences, streamline repetitive tasks, and successfully integrate bookings into their company’s marketing funnel, accounting workflows, and operational processes–all at an affordable cost. 

Adventure businesses can benefit from learning to automate customer onboarding and document exchange, as well as provide convenient payment options for trip bookings. It is also important not to get overwhelmed with automation. The focus should stay on supporting the human experience throughout the journey, not distracting from it. All elements of the YouLi platform are designed to empower planners and travelers to be efficient from the moment they say “yes” to the adventure. 

The group travel industry is extremely diverse and includes travel, educational, and retreat professionals working with a variety of systems that often don’t speak to each other, hence a collection of outdated PDFs, spreadsheets, and Google Docs in long email threads.  

To simplify company workflows, the YouLi team has developed the software to easily integrate with any website, email marketing platform, multiple payment systems, stock images, CRMs, and more. YouLi software will streamline registration forms, waivers, bookings, and itineraries, yet it is up to people to add the unique human touch, so the team hosts monthly webinars and Live Q&A to provide free training and share best practices. 

Not only does YouLi power individual travel companies, but they also partner with the Transformational Travel Council (TTC) to manage their community of Allies, changing the way travel experiences are designed. Keep an eye out for the launch of the TTC community management platform powered by YouLi later this year.

TTC members will benefit from multiple features in the community, including easy ways to network, collaborate, and inspire each other to create more transformational travel. Sam Keller, one of the newest allies and founder of Working Without Borders family travel company, has already been featured in the Wall Street Journal for the unique travel experiences he promotes using YouLi group travel platform. Travelers also love YouLi, as this LinkedIn post demonstrates. 

If you are looking for the right platform to empower your group experiences, retreats and programs, get started with YouLi, listed in “Top 50 Startup 2022” by Travel Massive. 


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