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AdventureTravelNews Footprints Network hits $1 Million Mark

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The Footprints Network, an online philanthropy program for eBusinesses, has just hit the one million dollar mark in micro donations to help fund select worldwide charity projects.

The Footprints Network is comprised of an alliance of online e-commerce companies collaborating to help bridge the gap between individual donors and various charity projects. Using web technologies, Footprints aggregates thousands of micro donations made through online transactions to fund community development projects that help end poverty.

During checkout with participating businesses, online customers are given a simple “opt-in” option to add a small donation (as low as $1) to their total purchase amount. That micro donation is passed on to the particular charity project chosen by that business. It’s a simple concept that’s making a huge impact.

Footprints is excited to announce that to-date 386,391 people have helped to raise over $1,000,327 for 61 projects.

And while $1 million is an impressive number, Footprints founder Simon Monk, feels that it is only an indication of how powerful micro donations can be, with a proven track record of delivering value and service to donors, charities and businesses alike, Footprints is issuing a call to action for other online businesses to join in and help achieve even greater results for those in need.

“For most people, a donation is less than a cup of coffee and our real-time reporting lets everyone see the difference they’re making. For online businesses, it’s a simple and engaging mechanism for your customers. They are about the ethics and values of the companies from which they purchase, so we invite you to get involved.”

Simon has now placed even loftier targets on the network, “When you consider the number of transactions made daily online, Footprints has the potential to build an extensive global business network, capable of raising in excess of 1 billion dollars. This is just the beginning and truly shows the power of the internet to support sustainable fund raising”.

The Footprints Network also proudly supports the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a global action plan to achieve eight anti-poverty goals by 2015. The recognition of MDGs and their global importance has been given a recent boost by the MDG summit in NYC and the Clinton Global Initiative, which representatives at Footprints feel will serve to further increase awareness and support for the underlying charities.

The Footprints Network was founded by online travel insurance provider in 2005 and now includes a collective of like-minded eBusinesses who would like to make a tangible difference in the lives of people living in impoverished communities. Utilising their expertise in technology and e-commerce, Footprints helps to facilitate people’s desire to make a difference while assuring that donations are distributed only to partners who uphold the highest standards of integrity, accountability and transparency.

Businesses, charities and individuals who would like to get involved can visit The Footprints Network for more information.

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