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World Nomads and ATTA Launch Consumer Travel Insurance Affiliate Program for ATTA Members

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As travelers increasingly include travel insurance as an integral part of their adventure travel planning, the World Nomads affiliate program is a compelling, new opportunity for ATTA Members to boost their ancillary revenues while enhancing the customer experience as a one-stop-shop by offering World Nomads travel insurance to customers booking packages/tours.

World Nomads insurance is well-priced and comprehensive, and available to residents from over 140 countries, so is especially ideal for ATTA Members with a global customer-base. Every policy that is sold on the World Nomads website as a result of an online referral that links to earns the affiliate – in this case, the participating ATTA Member, a commission. Affiliates do not need to worry about licensing, processing, answering insurance questions or handling claims; World Nomads does all that heavy lifting.

It’s easy to work with the World Nomads affiliate program. They supply everything needed by way of the uniquely coded affiliate links, banners or safety content/advice that the affiliate inserts into the relevant areas of the website, purchase paths, booking confirmations, newsletters and customer emails. Some partners have signed up and started using their tagged URLs in their sites/emails within 48 hours. There are three easy steps to get started…

ATTA Members, visit the World Nomads benefit page on The HUB for details on how to get started.

Not an ATTA Member? Learn more about ATTA Membership and get involved today.

World Nomads has been an ATTA Sponsor partner for the last two years and Member since 2007.

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