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World Big Cat Safaris & The Ultimate Year of the Tiger in 2011

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A Visit To Two Of India’s Finest Tiger Reserves, Escorted By Expert Wildlife And Conservation Activists Dr Raghu Chundawat And Mr Dhruv Singh.

Introduction to Year of the Tiger by Will Bolsover, Managing Director of World Big Cat Safaris:

In line with the Year of the Tiger, World Big Cat Safaris is hosting a specialist led safari to see tigers in the wilds of India and to raise funds for their future protection and conservation. Visiting the renowned tiger parks of Kanha and Bandhavgarh, this safari educates and enthralls as you explore what really goes on in tiger conservation and the trials these endangered Cats face on a daily basis. This safari will be led by two renowned resident experts, Dr Raghu Chundawat and Mr Dhruv Singh.

The Year of the Tiger is in fact being celebrated by the Chinese whom are widely thought to be responsible for the poaching and extinction of these beautiful Cats. It is specifically for this reason that we feel we should celebrate this Year in order to fight against this threat and to generate awareness of the every day dangers that Tigers face. This Safari as well as increasing awareness for tiger conservation will also raise funds for their protection as a donation of £100 is made from each place sold on the trip.

We are truly privileged to be working with some of the leading professionals in this arena and we are eternally grateful for their expertise. Both Raghu and Dhruv are excited to be working in combination with World Big Cat Safaris and are looking forward to hosting you in their home country and in particular, regions and parks that they have spent years working in with the common goal of saving the Bengal Tiger. We thank you as ever for your support and look forward to taking you on safari with us.

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