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Wiser World Travel, LLC

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Wiser World Travel, LLC represents respected tour operators who not only meet travelers’ needs with superior tours and itineraries around the world, but who demonstrate commitment to responsible travel and sustainability. WWT is unique in acting as a travel liaison between travelers and tour operators who provide itineraries with sustainable components, who support local people and host communities, who give back. We do not promote any particular tour operator, tour, itinerary, or accommodation, and offer wide choice and diversity to individual travelers and groups. There is no charge to travelers for our service. Our orientation is very personal and customer focused.

Why Wiser World Travel?

  • Choice and diversity of tours around the globe, basic to luxury, from a consortium of respected tour operators who have a commitment to responsible tourism.
  • Focus on ethical travel provided by network operators, striving to reduce negative impacts of tourism while creating long term benefits to the environment, local people, and cultures.
  • Matching travelers with the best sustainable travel options specific to their wants and needs, eliminating the need for travelers to spend their valuable time researching.


Wiser World Travel is committed to increasing awareness and encouraging actions regarding responsible travel that results in a healthier, sustainable world. Together with travelers and travel providers, we act in ways that support local people, communities, cultures, and environments. WWT matches travelers with the best sustainable options to meet their needs−with all the fun, enjoyment, and discovery that go along with travel.

Geographic Reach/Primary Markets

Because of the number and diversity of tour operators within the Wiser World network, the geographic reach available is vast. Although adventure travel is a common denominator among most of the operators, travel options abound, including but not limited to ecotours, cultural and/or volunteer experiences, biking, etc. Likewise, because of our partnerships with tour operators and the choice available through WWT, markets vary, from baby boomers seeking soft adventure travel to students seeking service-learning experiences, to the hard core adventurist!

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