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Wildthentic Website Is Prettier and Better than Ever

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Today Wildthentic is introducing the easiest way to shop online for unforgettable and transformational outdoor adventures. Wildthentic’s website features thorough information about its experiences and destinations. Not only will readers receive in-depth descriptions of their products, they will also have access to experience filters that provide specific results according to their activity, destination, date, interest and or price preference. is the only place where you can purchase Wildthentic-approved tours, verified through over 200 criteria to guarantee a unique and outstanding nature-based adventure, and browse through their catalogue of carefully picked experiences along with spectacular destinations.

“Researching can be difficult, especially when there’s a lot of money involved. Travelling isn’t cheap, especially experiences located in more remote and exotic locations. I am proud to say that our company saves the traveller the time, energy, and pressure of having to research and sort through products that promise awesome experiences but might not necessarily deliver…This is how adventure travel should be presented. Beauty and inspiration are what our experiences are about with a transformational impact, it is only fitting that our website demonstrate these characteristics,” said Mariano Hervás, Wildthentic’s Managing Director.

The new website is a major update from the last, readers now have access to country-specific travel guides, cultural do’s and don’ts, expert insight, ‘chatting corner’: a translation list that covers terms for basic communication to allow a deeper cultural immersion. The company has placed a high value on content and has therefore created a content rich online space that serves educational, thought-provoking, and meaningful subject matter. There have also been massive improvements to the visual aspect of the site, now features highly inspiring images along with short videos that showcase the beauty and excitement of their excursions.

Direct online booking along with a platform that offers secure transactions are important features that allow the traveller to make their payments easily, quickly, and safely. is appealing, user-friendly, and dynamic. As of now, the website features 43 singular travel experiences located in 15 countries on 6 different continents, an impressive feat for a company that just over a year old. The Wildthentic collection offers a variety of 19 outdoor activity types, such as; kayaking, dogsledding, ice climbing, cliff jumping or unique hikes, ideal for the adventure-seekers.

Wildthentic is a curator that gives travellers access to the most authentic and memorable travel experiences across the world.

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