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WildSweden Celebrating 10 Years in Business

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WildSweden celebrates as number one wildlife tour operator in Sweden.

Sweden’s number one wildlife watching tour operator is celebrating their 10th year anniversary this year with howling Wolves, rutting Moose and splashing Beavers!

Wild Sweden is a multi-awarded wildlife watching inbound tour operator for small groups and individual travelers. Local expert guides take you to meet with wild animals such as Moose, Wolf, Beaver, Brown Bear, Capercaillie and Great Grey Owl. Since the start in 2003 they have taken care of clients from no less than 75 countries, although most guests are European. This year they arrange a series of special anniversary tours where Wolves, Beaver and Moose are celebrated with birthday cake and sparkling wine.

There are no Orangutans in Sweden!

WildSweden was founded in 2003 by Marcus Eldh when after his return from Sumatera, Indonesia where he had attended a orangutan walking tour. This is Marcus story on how it all begun:

“It all began when I was traveling in Indonesia back in 2002. I had an interest in nature and I joined several Orangutan jungle trekking tours during my travels in Sumatera. The Sumateran jungles were impressive but what inspired me the most were the hard working tour guides. They all seemed to enjoy their profession as they hosted guests from all over the World who came to see orangutans and other wildlife. I told to myself: ‘This could be done in the Swedish forests… Why not offer wildlife watching tours in Sweden!?’

Once I returned back in Sweden, I went straight to the local tourist information center in the town of Västerås. While I was there I overheard an Austrian couple who asked where they can see wild Moose and was surprised to hear that they were recommended to go to ”Skansen” – the Stockholm Zoo! The forest is full of Moose, why send them to the zoo? That’s when I decided to begin to offer Moose watching tours in the nearby forest. I created a simple website and within a couple of days I had my first reservations from three guests, one Russian man and an Austrian couple. I had my very first tour ! The tour went fine and we managed to see 5 Moose during that evening.

I woke up the next morning and realized that I had started my new career as a wildlife watching guide, inspired by the orangutan guides in Indonesia. Since then I have deepened my knowledge in large mammals and developed my role as a wildlife ambassador for Sweden.”

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