Wilderness Safaris

15 January 2010

wilderness safarisWilderness Safaris is first and foremost a conservation company. The reason we exist is to protect pristine wilderness areas and the flora and fauna – or biodiversity – that they support. We believe that in protecting these areas, and including the local communities in this process, we will make a difference to Africa and ultimately the world. In this way, we believe, the world’s wilderness areas will save humankind.

It is our firm belief that the future of conservation in Africa depends on the attitude of the communities living next to wild areas. The twin benefits to these communities of tourism ventures and employment create a true appreciation for the value of the land and its wildlife. In this way we are in the business of building sustainable conservation economies.

The private concessions that we manage offer some of Africa’s most impressive and untouched wildlife experiences. We are privileged to operate on nearly 6.5 million acres of southern Africa’s best wildlife and wilderness reserves. The idea of space to breathe – the wilderness experience – becomes clear when we consider that Wilderness provides almost 9,800 acres of private land per bed – or 18,500 acres per room. This privacy and space is what makes our operation unique and special.

The natural environment in which we work is most important. Our full-time environmentalists ensure that our camps are as eco-friendly as possible. Solar heating and power, limited burning of fossil fuels and utilizing battery-operated lighting systems are just some of the features we employ.

We also believe that it is our responsibility to employ from, train and help uplift the communities in the areas where we are represented. We want to ensure the prospering of these rich cultures, the wildlife that surrounds them and the wild places they occupy.

Our greatest delight is to share these wild places with our guests in a responsible manner. Such magnificent remote areas provide a means, for both our guests and ourselves, of reconnecting with our natural spirit – something often neglected and forgotten in the modern, fast-paced world in which we live.

To create a journey, we host, entertain and educate our guests, both on safaris and at our camps, striving to give them holistic experiences that will produce new (or reaffirmed) conservationists, and create guests for life. At the end of this journey, we hope that they will be new ambassadors for Wilderness Safaris and the continent, taking Africa’s messages of hope and conservation around the globe.

Recognizing that conservation is as much about people as about the environment, we have pursued important goals through our Children in the Wilderness program, as well as through the Wilderness Safaris Wildlife Trust, which have helped change the face of nature-based tourism in southern Africa.

Children in the Wilderness is a non-profit organisation that aims to restore a sense of hope, ambition and the possibility of a bright and productive future to southern African youth. This is achieved by hosting disadvantaged children for a week at a time in a safe and natural environment where nature becomes the teacher and healer.

Wilderness Safaris Wildlife Trust supports a wide variety of projects in southern Africa, within the categories of wildlife management, research and education. These projects address the needs of existing wildlife populations, seek solutions to save endangered species and provide education and training for local people and their communities.