Wilderness Collection Launches Innovative App!

6 December 2012

Wilderness Collection has successfully launched its Collection App for iPad, which is now available on the iTunes Store.

Beginning with a map of Africa, the app introduces its viewers to the world of the Wilderness Collection. Each of the Collection’s four iconic destinations – North Island (Seychelles), Abu Camp (Botswana), Odzala Camps (Republic of Congo) and Segera Retreat (Kenya) – is explored through the use of realistic digital scenes that visually encapsulate a number of each area’s unique aspects. By ‘swishing’ to the left and right, iPad viewers can explore each expanse virtually, getting an idea of what makes each place so special.

Since the Wilderness Collection shares and articulates the Wilderness ethos of the 4Cs – Commerce, Conservation, Community and Culture – the 4Cs language begun in the 4Cs Wilderness World iPad app has been used here too. Information boxes dotted throughout each scene allow viewers to learn more about the various pioneering projects and enterprises in more depth, through the use of photos, links and PDFs.

In this way, prospective and repeat guests can gain insight into the amazing places that make up the wonderful world of the Wilderness Collection! In addition, each villa at North Island and Segera Retreat has its own iPad, on which the App is preloaded as well as a large amount of other information pertaining to each destination and its activities.

The Wilderness Collection App is available now on Apple's iTunes Store under the name Wilderness Collection here.