Wild Frontiers Expands Presence in United States

10 June 2019

Named Among Top 10 Adventure Travel Companies by USA Today

Wild Frontiers, an award winning adventure travel company known for taking travelers to exotic destinations, was recently named as one of the USA Today’s 10 Best Top Adventure Travel Companies.

While many companies might not be doing high fives by being #10 (though there were others who were eliminated completely), the fact that Wild Frontiers even made it into the category reflects the success of its strategy to expand in the US.

This 15-year old UK-based company founded by former travel writer and author Jonny Bealby made a concerted effort to expand its US presence when it acquired Reno, Nevada-based Journeys Within in January 2018.  Since that time, US sales have grown by 30% year on year and now represents 35% of global sales up from 10% in 2017.

The top three destinations for US travelers includes:

  1. Cambodia
  2. India
  3. Silk Road (Uzbekistan and Georgia in particular)
Andrea Ross, Managing Director of Wild Frontiers US Operations and founder of Journeys Within, said that while the language may be the same, there are differences in appealing to travelers from the US and UK.  “While we’ve found with our group trips this more global approach is adding to the fun, for our private, custom trips we’ve developed itineraries that really appeal to the US market. For instance Latin America is easier to access for US travelers and often the clients we’re working with have been there and want to see more unique places, but in a shorter time.”

To that end, Wild Frontiers has started to develop specialized itineraries that allow travelers to travel for less time than their European counterparts but still have that in-depth, away from the crowds experience.  Ross add that while there is a misnomer that American travelers aren’t as adventurous as British ones, Wild Frontiers has not found that to be true at all.  “We have so many amazing clients that are totally up for the kind of adventures we offer.  But in the end, it’s about our specialist travel planners working with both UK and US clients to come up with the best option for them…whether it’s a family trip, a honeymoon or a retirement celebration.”

In addition to the recognition from USA Today, Wild Frontiers was in a top spot on Travel + Leisure’s Readers’ Choice Awards and is included on the magazine’s A List of travel advisors as well as Conde Nast Traveler’s Specialist List.

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