Widness & Wiggins PR Announces Their Newest Client, Vagabond Small Group Tours of Ireland

11 December 2017

Widness & Wiggins PR (ATTA member since 2007) is pleased to announce our newest client, Vagabond Small Group Tours of Ireland, ATTA member since 2010.

“We want you to love Ireland as much as we do!” That’s the passion that has driven Vagabond Tours to become Ireland’s premier active travel operator. Vagabond’s creative vision that both inspires and enthralls its guests captures the windswept beauty, age-old traditions, whimsy and pathos of Ireland and its warm-hearted people.

Tour participants often see more of Ireland than many Irish locals experience in a lifetime. Low-impact, sustainable tour practices bring Ireland to life with experiences that take travelers deep into Irish landscapes, connecting them with nature, history and Irish culture.

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