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Widness & Wiggins PR Announces its Newest Client – Wildland Adventures

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Boulder, CO – Widness & Wiggins PR is pleased to announce that yet another legendary adventure travel company has become a valued client, Seattle-based Wildland Adventures.

Wildland’s style of travel encourages all of us to journey lightly yet freely with sincerity, compassion and understanding of the peoples and cultures we encounter. For over two decades, they have been leading the way in experiential travel and ecotourism, not just to new destinations, but pioneering new approaches to travel that guarantee a superior experience and opportunities for personal transformation. A Wildland Adventure is physical, intellectual and spiritual — more a state of mind than a risky or arduous challenge.

Founded in 1986 by Kurt and Anne Kutay, they both remain active and engaged at its helm, continuously refining and evolving the Wild Style of travel. This innovative, homegrown style of travel acts to break down barriers and boundaries that separate people from people, from the environment and from other living things. The real adventure is new insights, the awe found in nature, encounters with new cultures, and the excitement of personal discovery.

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