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Why Americans are Ignoring U.S. Travel Warnings

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Despite the 26 individual travel advisories the U.S. State Department has issued since the beginning of the year, a recent survey discussed by Travelmole shows fewer Americans are heeding these warnings when making or adjusting their travel plans.

Travel Leaders found only 14 percent of the 1,000 Americans in the survey said such warnings would have any impact at all on their plans. About one in five in the survey said it would have little effect.

Almost half responded that such warnings “some effect” but would not cause them to cancel their travel altogether.

“Many American travelers tend to find these warnings to be overly dramatic and don’t use them as a cautionary aid, “ writes Linda Ripoll in the “Password Without Stress” blog. “The reason behind this lack of respect for State Department warnings comes from the thought that the US Government uses propaganda to keep Americans from exploring certain regions either for political or cultural reasons. Many American travelers look to other Western media such as; the UK, Australia and Canada for the truth about international travel.”

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