Where to Stay

27 June 2012

Where to Stay is one of the key role players in ensuring that potential tourists will be able to learn more about Namibia as well as ensuring that reservations will be a breeze.

Your Namibian travel partner provides various layers of information for the adventure traveller.  The wealth of potential destinations has been dismantled into 80 different tourism zones placed on the map of the home page.  Each zone provides information which it is famous for, accommodation establishments, activities, services (for example medical services or service stations) as well as a “distance time table” calculated in hours from each zone to all other 79 zones taking into consideration the road condition and types as well as places of interest along the route.  The time table is colour coded (green – easily accessible in a day’s drive, orange – care should be taken when planning this distance, red – not possible in a day’s drive).  The journey through Namibia is the most important component of your visit to the country as a wealth of scenery, wildlife, photographic opportunities are presented between the various zones.  Namibia’s interactive map has been populated with various “road views” and pushpins and the road and aerial views on the interactive map present a virtual tour of Namibia.  Detailed descriptions are provided for every pushpin.

Furthermore the maps can be zoomed in to the level to suit your needs.  Detailed street maps of all towns are available.  The topography of interesting sites can be studied in detail, eg Sossusvlei, the Brandberg or Etosha pan.

For the visitor’s convenience we have included the main routes into Namibia from Botswana, Victoria Falls, Cape Town and Johannesburg.