What Role Can Tourism Play in Development? Podcast from The Guardian

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The British News source recently released a podcast debating the positive role of tourism development in emerging nations. Based on the World Tourism Organisation’s assertion that responsible tourism has a significant role to play in global poverty eradication as well as help nations meet the millennium development goals.

The podcast features:

  • Colombia-based journalist / film maker Toby Muse, reporting from Nazareth in the Colombian Amazon – a town that has banned tourists
  • Amanda Marks, Managing Director and Founder of UK-based Tribes Travel, which offers tours and holidays to Africa, Asia and Latin America

Go to Guardian Focus podcast: What role can tourism play in development?

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  1. From our own experience in rural northeast Thailand, responsible tourism most certainly can play a crucial role in development. Small entities can leverage the web to establish a virtual presence, and consumers can contact us directly, obviating the middle man. We have been in operation for ten years now, and visitors have effectively paid for better education and healthcare, and avoided the need for economic migration in this rural backwater of Thailand. At the same time, we hope we have given our visitors unusual, memorable and enriching holidays that they would not have been able to experience elsewhere.

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