What Does Adventure Need? The Themes Behind ATTA’s Seventh Annual Adventure in Motion Short Film Contest

2 August 2022

“What does Adventure need? We believe right now that most of all adventure needs nature, community, and women –this is important because we need adventure. 

Adventure fills our souls, brings us joy, and reminds us we are alive. Adventure fills our soul, brings us joy, and reminds us we are alive. The ATTA focuses on these themes because resilient and diverse local communities who care for the planet, culture, and each other create an environment where nature can thrive. Women in adventure around the world lead their communities with creativity and care. Indigenous women, Black and brown women, younger women, and older women are transforming the adventure workforce and changing economies by infusing cash back into local places. While nature, the very canvas that adventure needs, must be healthy, filled with clean air, and a place for wildlife and flora thrive.

This all really means that Adventure needs YOU. Your business decisions, your personal decisions, your family, and your friends all touch and impact the very elements that allow adventure space to breathe. The next time you relax into a mountainside as you hike the hills behind a monastery, paddle into the curve of a glacial silt river, or rest on the moss of a forest as you graze above for the hint and flash of a bird wing, consider this - what might adventure need, and what can I do?”

- Casey Hanisko, ATTA President

These words, shared by ATTA President Casey Hanisko, are the inspiration behind ATTA’s current campaign “Adventure Needs.” By supporting and elevating these types of stories throughout our work - the journeys of women leaders in the industry, the adversity still present in the rebuilding of our communities, and the urgent work needed to care for the nature around us - we believe the world of travel will be better than we found it. These important stories not only form the bedrock on which travel is built, but they also serve to bind us together in our commonalities and steer us toward the common good together.

We believe adventure needs nature.

The act of storytelling has been a human survival instinct for thousands of years. We memorize, learn, and empathize through the act of telling, hearing, or seeing stories. Modern film is no different. Today, the most widely used contemporary medium for sharing and intaking stories is through video. In recent decades, film festivals have become an important vehicle to not only elevate filmmakers’ creative talent but to communicate different perspectives and lived experiences. They challenge us, excite us, and motivate us to dig deeper and learn more about the world around us.

We believe adventure needs women.

Elevating three storytelling focuses -  Women, Nature, and Community - is the driving force behind ATTA’s seventh annual Adventure in Motion short film competition, supported by Bulgaria. Taking place at this year’s Adventure Travel World Summit in Lugano, Switzerland, Adventure in Motion will be showcasing films that highlight quality storytelling within these categories, in an effort to amplify stories that show a different side of adventure travel. 

We believe adventure needs community.

The current finalists in each category are now live and open for public voting on www.adventure.travel. The winners from each category will advance to the live vote during the Adventure in Motion evening at the Adventure Travel World Summit 2022 and the live audience will vote for the winner of “2022 Adventure in Motion - Best Film.”