WeVideo Showcases Online Video Editing Platform for the Travel Industry

3 December 2011

WeVideo Redefines Storytelling for Travelers and Facilitates a Multitude of Innovative Marketing Initiatives for the Travel Industry

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL.- WeVideo ( www.WeVideo.com ), creator of the first easy-to-use, cloud-based videoediting platform, today announced its revolutionary offering ready for the travel industry. WeVideo's unique online, collaborative approach opens up new and innovative opportunities for tour operators, travel destinations, tourism boards, travel bloggers and media among others in the industry. It also provides travelers with new avenues to tell their travel stories and to create those stories in collaboration with their travel companions.

WeVideo is redefining the creation and use of online video by leveraging the power of cloud computing. The Company is taking down the barriers of cost, editing complexity, and the need for the heavy computing resources normally associated with developing compelling video content. WeVideo's one-of-a-kind collaborative editing environment makes it possible for videos and photos to be easily contributed to a project by both professional videographers and amateurs -- including tour guides and other travel employees, journalists, and travelers themselves. For travel professionals, the applications are infinite.

"A huge part of the joy of travel for most people is being able to relive the special moments they experience on their trip -- which makes photography and especially video indispensable. The idea of being able to upload content on the road and deliver a high-quality video travelogue to my clients either on- or post-trip is revolutionary," says Cari Gray, founder and president of Gray & Co., which designs custom journeys for active travelers.

The collaborative nature of the platform opens the door to improved and expanded content for marketing; easy-to-access consumer-generated media for travel blogs and online publications; and new types of video-based promotions and contests. Finished videos can be easily exported to third-party sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitter in HD broadcast quality.

"WeVideo's online video editing platform is ideal for travel-related organizations to engage travelers," said John Canning, WeVideo VP of Product Experience and travel industry veteran. "Online video is the fastest growing media in history, and WeVideo enables the travel industry to fully harness its power."

WeVideo offers a variety of packages to meet the specific needs of both travel organizations and the individual traveler. WeVideo Free enables travelers to try their hand at video storytelling with 1GB of storage and 360p export resolution. Packages offering more storage and higher export quality range in price from $6.99 to $79.99 per month for commercial use. During WeVideo's introductory promotional period, visitors have a special, one-time opportunity to sign up for premium packages at a reduced rate for personal or business use. Through December 31, 2011, WeVideo Plus is available for $4.99/month or an annual subscription of $49.99. WeVideo Ultra is available for $29.99/month or an annual subscription of $299.00, and WeVideo Commercial is available for $59.99 per month or an annual subscription of $599.00.

About WeVideo Based in Sunnyvale, CA, WeVideo eliminates the cost and complexity of collaborative video publishing with powerful, easy-to-use web-based tools. Founded in 2011 by Norwegian-based Inspera, WeVideo leverages years of developing online video learning experiences for K-12 students. To learn more about cloud-based video collaboration, please visit www.wevideo.com .

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