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Westmorland Images, LLC

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At Westmorland Images we provide exceptional imagery and branding for adventure companies, properties, and yachts. Michele Westmorland combines her experience as a worldwide travel, lifestyle and underwater photographer with the identity, print and web design of Kevin leDoux. Specializing in boutique resorts and cruise vessels, Westmorland Images is committed to working with eco-friendly and sustainable operations. Our team will utilize visual storytelling to relay an all-encompassing message of the services you offer. We believe that a successful marketing campaign gives the client a holistic view of the travel experience that they are embarking on. Whether you need some fresh photography for your marketing, a cohesive brand, print or web design, or the whole package the collaboration between Westmorland lmages and leDoux Design is the one stop shop!

Though the greater Seattle area is home there is no limit to the locations we work in due to frequent widespread travel.

We look forward to connecting with other ATTA members that are dedicated to eco-friendly and sustainable operations!

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