Western Balkans Adventure Travel Webinar 6: Travel Fairs - How to Get the Most from B2B Tourism Events

19 September 2017

Attending travel fairs has been a tried-and-true tactic in the tourism world for decades. The value of these events for networking, creating partnerships, and producing new business is indisputable. However, profitable attendance at these functions is not an accident. Operators who achieve B2B success at fairs have clear strategies that include preparation, information dissemination, precise meeting schedules, and productive follow up.

Via Dinarica
Photo © Elma Okic

For this session in the Western Balkans Adventure Travel Webinar Series, we’ll speak with three regional tourism experts about the best ways to plan for, think about, and solidify networking opportunities at travel events.

Register here for this month’s Western Balkans Adventure Travel Webinar—How to Get the Most from B2B Tourism Events—which will air on Thursday, September 28, at 9:30 a.m. EST (3:30 p.m. CET). As always listeners are invited to ask questions and chime in. (The webinar will be archived and free.)

This webinar’s guests are all operators and tourism experts. Snjezana Derviskadic, from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the tourism team leader with USAID Regional Economic Growth project and a regional tourism pioneer. Thierry Joubert, also from Sarajevo, is the managing partner at Green Visions Ecotours and the coordinator of the Via Dinarica Alliance, a cooperative of operators in the Western Balkans. Laura Popovac is the director of VMD Adventure Travel in Zagreb, Croatia.

The Western Balkans has become Europe’s adventure playground. National Geographic Traveler named the Via Dinarica hiking trail, which runs through the middle of the region, one of its “Best of the World” destinations for 2017. The trail links and traverses Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, and Macedonia.

In response to this energy and excitement, we invite all those interested to participate in our Webinar Series. Alex Crevar, who has covered the Balkans (The New York Times, Lonely Planet, and National Geographic) as a travel journalist for 20 years, moderates and tackles topics of interest to the adventure travel industry—for both professionals and travelers.

The monthly series is brought to you by the Western Balkans Geotourism Network and the Via Dinarica Alliance. These cross-border cooperatives are committed to strengthening the region’s sustainability through responsible tourism. The series is hosted by Balkan Vibe, the premier travel platform for the Western Balkans, offering the widest range of tours for the region as well as a seamless booking and credit-card payment system. The series is supported by the USAID/REG project.