Welcome to the Sámi Camp at Adventure Travel Live in London

28 January 2011

We invite you to the VisitSápmi stand (B26) at Adventure Travel Live, Royal Horticultural Halls, Greycoat St, London, SW1P 2QD, Friday 28 January, 19.00 – 21.00.

Don’t miss the chance to talk survival in the Arctic with the original outdoors experts – the Sámi. Taste Sápmi Slow Food made from exotic arctic ingredients. Meet two of the best Sámi tourism companies, Nutti Sámi Siida and Idre Ren, companies run by reindeer herding families. Meet Lennart Pittja, a pioneer in Sámi tourism with his company Pathfinderlapland and Dan Jonasson former CEO of the Swedish Ecotourism Society/Nature’s Best. Dan and Lennart are now project coordinators at VisitSápmi. We will help you discover fascinating and genuine Sámi experiences in Sweden. Also meet VisitSweden for more on opportunities in Sweden.

VisitSápmi is the Swedish Sámi initiative to create indigenous tourism in Sápmi. Sápmi is the land of the Sámi, often called Lapland. The Sámi have long been used for marketing tourism without benefit to the indigenous community. Sámi traditions have been exploited and an untrue picture of Europe’s only indigenous people has been created. VisitSápmi is working towards changing this. We have created a quality label for sustainable ethical Sámi service providers called Sápmi Experience. The criteria are inspired by Aboriginal tourism in Australia and the Swedish Ecotourism label Nature’s Best. Sápmi Experience will help you find indigenous tourism that is ethical, sustainable and respectful to all involved.

Please notify [email protected] if you would like to attend and we will arrange for complimentary tickets for you and a guest.

Lennart Pittja



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Gabriel Dorch


Travel Trade Manager

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More information:

www.visitsapmi.com (underconstruction)