We Have to Tell You Something - Arctic Adventures Heads for Greenland

25 July 2012

Arctic Adventures heads for Greenland and brings along all its guiding expertise and fun loving adventure addiction to this giant ice clad arctic pearl.

In Greenland - Arctic Adventures is Greenland Tours. The owners of Greenland Tours are Torfi G Yngvason, Jón Heiðar Andrésson and Henry Kröher. The friends share their endless passion for the great outdoors and aim to create exciting adventures accessible to everybody who shares their spirit and likes to engage in the unique activities Greenland provides.

All this under the watchful eyes of our certified and trained outdoor guides. Greenland guide and outdoor hero Garðar Hrafn Sigurjónsson oversees our operations in Greenland, trains our local and Icelandic guides and ensures that they hold the appropriate international certification.

Being out there in the wild means also you have to rely on tasty food. Therefore we have teamed up with master chef Helmut Müller who will set new standards for expedition food in Greenland. In charge of product development and sales is our super-pro Greenland specialist Ásta Mercier who is supported by an international sales team in our offices in Reykjavík and Berlin.

Friendly folks like Laurent Jegu, Joana Matos, Ásdís Ómarsdóttir and Anja Schepers are devoted outdoor enthusiasts with a great desire to find the right trip for travelers to Greenland. Whether one speaks French, Spanish, Portuguese, Icelandic or German - we have arctic experts speaking your beautiful mother tongue.

Currently our pioneer tours are under way, itineraries are being fine-tuned and really breathtaking marketing material is collected. Believe us - these photos will blow you away. With our Arctic sales manual 2013 published this September we will be sending you all the info you need to start selling our scheduled tours. But for those eager to get a glimpse of our products we have a short general orientation below.

South Greenland: In this unbelievable piece of land we will offer a kayaking trip and a multi adventure which can be easily hooked up to a fully loaded 8 day trip. A beautiful soft adventure for everybody. Several departures.

East Greenland: In the east the trips will focus on small kayaking or trekking expeditions. We will offer several departures. In winter we will guide a fantastic dog sledding adventure here.

West Greenland: Lots of ice - endless possibilities. We take your customers iceberg diving, trekking, glacier hiking onto the Greenland ice sheet and kayaking among icy giants.

We will offer several departures. In winter our disko dogs will take your customers on the dogsledding adventure of a lifetime.

In case you are searching for tailor-made adventures, which fit your customers like a glove, give us a shout.

One thing is for sure. Our adventures will be breathtaking. If you think so as well drop us aline and we will get you sorted.