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WATCH: Baja California Sur: Exotic Just Got a Whole Lot Closer

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Jacques Yves Cousteau once called the Sea of Cortez the “Aquarium of the World.” With a marine abundance of whales, sea lions, turtles, whale sharks and thousands of endemic species….Jacques was right. But that’s only part of the story. With endless coastlines, islands, stark canyons, surreal deserts, there’s more than just a beach here.

In March of 2015, a select group of adventure travel professionals headed to the southern half of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula for AdventureWeek Baja California Sur. The storytelling team of Mark Crawford and Hassen Salum were there every adventurous step of the way to document AdventureWeek Baja Sur. They were there when participants went scuba diving in a sea lion colony, kayaked close enough to the shoreline to touch the geology and enjoyed surprising meals prepared with care and tradition.

“Most people think it’s just Los Cabos. That’s all they’re interested in, but actually there’s so much more to do.”

— Cliff Wilkinson, Lonely Planet

“We have surfing, we have paddle boarding, we have snorkeling, we have scuba diving… It’s a complete experience.”

–Fatima Aviles, Baja California Sur Tourism Board

The ATTA organized AdventureWeek Baja Sur as a specialized FAM trip just for adventure travel industry professionals. Tour operator buyers and adventure writers and editors experienced a side of Baja Sur that few travelers get to see — but one that will hopefully be the future of tourism in the “Aquarium of the World.”

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