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WanderTours is a boutique tour operator, located in Seattle Washington. We specialize in small group tours and cater to a clientele looking for unique, soft-adventure travel. We choose off-the-beaten path destinations and incorporate unique activities that can only be found in a more personalized tour. Most of our tours are women-only.

Founder and owner, Beth Whitman, has been traveling the globe as a contemporary wanderer for more than 25 years; combining her love for travel with volunteer work, adventure trips, travel writing and business. In addition to overseeing all aspects of WanderTours, she also leads selective trips for her growing community of Wanderlusters. These open-minded women (and men) always bring a new perspective to a destination and she loves watching the friendships that are formed within the group as well as being part of it – no matter the location or activity.

An integral part of each of our international tours is our WanderTours Giving Program where a portion of each tour participant’s fee is donated to a project or non-profit organization in the country that we visit. Sometime during the tour, the group will visit the organization to make the donation and learn a little bit about the work being carried out.

Our mostly women-only tours focus on soft-adventure in countries such as India, Bhutan, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand & Laos. If you prefer your adventures closer to home, we offer culinary tours to Seattle, Santa Fe and New Orleans.

Our co-ed tours attract husbands and wives as well as mothers and sons, while our women-only tours are excellent for girlfriend getaways, mother-daughter trips and sister journeys. There are also plenty of solo women who join our tours. Understanding that some women may feel overwhelmed at the idea of traveling on their own in remote areas with different languages, cultural expectations and security concerns, we offer the opportunity to experience local culture while surrounded by the security of a group tour.

By restricting the size of each of our tours we offer a more exclusive, personalized tour. Prior to departure, we send out introductory newsletters so that everyone on the tour gets to know a little bit about their traveling companions before they even leave home. Our focus is offering outstanding customer service and a welcoming, comfortable experience from start to finish.

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