VisitEgypt Launches Groupon-style Travel Site

30 March 2011

Assistant Editor's Note: The following article, By Joseph Mayton, was originally published by IT News Africa.

A Groupon-styled tourism company is launching in Egypt aiming to bolster a stalled travel industry following the 18 days of protests that led to the ousting of former President Hosni Mubarak. VisitEgypt is doing their part to revolutionize travel to the North African country.

Following the Groupon model, VisitEgypt hopes that they can increase the number of travelers to Egypt through exceptional deals that ensure a large number of travelers. It is an ambitious project that, if successful, could truly change the way people travel in Egypt and across the region.

Founded by three Egyptian businessmen, Hussein Osman, Mohamed Dessouki and Omar Sadek, Visit Egypt hopes that the new project will help increase overall travel to the country, and from inside by Egyptians.

“The immediate goal is to promote any kind of tourism in Egypt and all touristic venues, right down to offering a weekend stay in an upscale Cairo Hotel, and also to really help nurture that sense of national pride and identity that has been created,” said Osman in an interview.

He believes that in the two months since the country’s 18-days of protests began, the world is ready to return to Egypt, but with the high costs of travel, there must be a new source for people to go on vacation. Osman said that VisitEgypt will offer that low cost option, but maintain the high quality of options that travelers want.

We believe that our culture is always looking for a good deal and if they find one they will definitely go for it, especially it if involves traveling and new experiences at great value,” he continued.

“In the beginning we will target our customers through social media, however as time progresses, and if the business itself progresses we will be using other modes.”