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Vietravel – The Only Vietnam Travel Company to be Awarded at the World Travel Awards (WTA) and Winning the Three Consecutive Years at the TTG Travel Awards

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Despite the fact that Vietnam tourism generally struggles within the world’s tourism economy, there have still been breakthroughs of Vietnam tourism affirming its growth in pace with Asia and the world. Vietravel has been the only Vietnam travel company voted for two titles by the World Travel Awards (WTA). In addition, this is the third consecutive year Vietravel has been awarded by TTG Asia, the leading travel magazine in Asia-Pacific Region, at the 24th Annual TTG Travel Awards 2013. The World Travel Awards Ceremony was held in Dubai on October 1st and the TTG Travel Awards Ceremony was held on October 3rd. These are regarded as the most noteworthy events of Vietnam tourism in 2013.

Vietravel – the only Vietnam travel company awarded at the World Travel Awards – WTA

Established in 1993, the World Travel Awards (referred to as WTA), known as “the Oscars of the travel industry” by the Wall Street Journal, has been annually held to honor the best service providers in the fields of travel and tourism. For the past 20 years, WTA has been globally extended.

WTA includes many categories nominations for travel and tourism, including: Airlines, hotels, resorts, travel companies, carriers, cruises, tourist destinations. Vietravel is proud of having been the only travel company of Vietnam voted for two titles by WTA, namely “Vietnam’s Leading Tour Operator” and “Vietnam’s Leading Travel Agency.”

Vietravel has won at the TTG Travel Awards for the third consecutive year

This is a firm step of progression affirming Vietravel’s position, not only as the number one travel company in Vietnam, but also listed in the top 16 leading tour operators in Asia. This is the third consecutive year Vietravel has obtained this position. This has shown that leading quality in tour operation of Vietravel is well recognized in Asia and all over the world.

The TTG Travel Awards were established in 1989 as initiated by TTG Asia Magazine. From a mere ten awards in 1989, the Awards now honors 82 winners across four categories:

1.     Travel Supplier Awards (52 awards).

2.     Travel Agency Awards (16 awards – representatives of 16 nations).

3.     Outstanding Achievement Awards (4 awards).

4.     Travel Hall of Fame – offered to entities that have won prizes for 10 times and more since 1989 up to now (10 awards).

2013 has seen over 120,000 votes sent to TTG Asia after 3 months of launch – from June to the beginning of August 2013. That is a two-fold increase in comparison with the voting 2012.

Meaning of the trophy: The trophy is cast from monolithic alloy, gilt 24K, and weighted 2kg. The trophy symbol is Hermes – the Greek God of travelers. This has become the symbol of the annual TTG Travel Awards since its establishment up to now.

TTG Asia – The leading travel magazine in the Asia – Pacific Region

Established in 1974, TTG Asia has been a magazine specializing in travel and trade with 14, 500 each issue/ 26 issues per year. Up to now, TTG Asia has been present at almost every travel expo in the world and published in different languages such as English, Indian, and Chinese. Its readership audience includes Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Hotels, NTOs, and Airlines in the world.

TTG Asia has been delivering incisive editorials and intelligent analysis on pertinent travel trade developments in the Asia-Pacific Region and has won many prestigious press prizes since 1974. They are a useful reference channel for travel companies in planning and making business policies in bilateral and multi-lateral cooperation in the Asian travel industry.

The two prizes as mentioned above are not only the honor of Vietravel as significant gifts in celebration of the 18th anniversary of Vietravel, which will be held on December 20th 2013, but also the pride of Vietnam Tourism. This has proved the strategic business orientation at the regional level by Vietravel – a travel company built up from seven staff members and nearly VND 7,000,000 and determined to develop sustainably, thereby to step by step build up better travel image of Vietnam. Such prizes are also significant in encouraging and creating motive force for small and medium-sized enterprises to develop together in an equally competitive society in the Region in the process of international integration and willing for new opportunities in competition.

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