Videos and Stories: Argentina Continues To Inspire Three Months After Adventure Travel World Summit

16 January 2018

In conjunction with the 2017 Adventure Travel World Summit held in Salta, Argentina, hundreds of travel professionals experienced Salta and other parts of the country during Pre-Summit Adventures and Day of Adventure activities. From Cafayate’s wine and trekking with llamas to Argentina’s newest national park and the magic of Salta itself, delegates discovered Argentina has a wealth of tales to tell. Adventure Travel Trade Association’s (ATTA) storytellers and media members were on site to share them all.

Whether you had a chance to experience a bit of Argentina during the Summit or you have yet to visit, we invite you to enjoy sounds, sights, and stories from the country as documented through videos created by the ATTA storytelling team and published articles by ATTA media members. A special thanks goes out to our 2017 storytelling partner, Salta.

The Magic of Salta
Filmed and edited by Hassen Salum
Tour operator: AUTENTICA SALTA

There is a place where time stands still, the history of ancient times is inscripted in the colorful mountains, and your inner child comes out to play. Discover the magic of Salta.

Chaco’s Impenetrable Forest
Filmed and edited by Fredrik Bye
Tour operator: Vagabundos Viajes

What lies within El Impenetrable (“The Impenetrable”) in Argentina? This new national park in the north of Argentina beckons to explorers who want to uncover its secret as an up-and-coming destination. Spoiler alert: It’s about the people, nature, and watery experiences.

Culture and Trekking in Salta and Jujuy
Filmed and edited by Rupert Shanks
Tour operator: Say Hueque

Experience the traditional culture and people of northern Argentina. Explore the Salinas Grande, peek into picturesque Andean villages, trek with llamas, and hear what the heart of adventure truly is on this multi-day journey.

Calchaquí Valley Wine and Exploration
Filmed and edited by Willa Kammerer
Tour operator: Socompa Adventure Travel

“The more we learn and understand each other, the more there will hopefully be peace in the world,” said Summit delegate Susan Kelly. Something in each of us yearns for the unknown and for new experiences. In northern Argentina, travelers encounter authentic culture, delicious wine from some of the world’s highest altitude vineyards, and, most of all, new friends.

360º View Rafting, Biking, and More in Northern Patagonia
Filmed and edited by Scott Adams
Tour operator: Andestrack Expediciones

Immerse yourself in adventure with an amazing new way to sample an adventure trip! This 360º film puts you right in the middle of a multisport adventure, so you feel like you’re rafting, watching cliff jumping, or overlooking vast landscapes. Watch it several times and find new things each time.

Viewers can pan and rotate a 360° video's perspective to watch it from different angles. These videos have a 360° video label in the lower left-hand corner and are viewable on computer, iOS devices, and Android devices. When watching a 360° video on a computer, the viewing angle is changed by dragging with the mouse. Setting your playback resolution to the maximum your bandwidth will allow is recommended; select 4k playback and pause to buffer. To watch 360° videos, you need the latest version of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Internet Explorer on your computer. Safari will not work.

Experience the Food and Dancing of Salta
Filmed and edited by Fredrik Bye
Tour operator: Socompa

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to taste the delicious empanadas shown in this video, but at least you’ll be able to experience the vibrant folklore dancing by the Andean peoples — both of which are memorable parts of trips to Salta and northwest Argentina.

Salta — A City to Love
Filmed and edited by Willa Kammerer
Tour operator: Salta Turismo

What makes Salta in northern Argentina so special? Hear a personal story about what this city means to Natalia Urquiza, whose passion for Salta is contagious.

Horseback Riding, Food, and Wine in Salta’s Condor Valley
Filmed and edited by Hassen Salum
Tour operator: Condor Valley

At the end of a horseback ride through Salta’s Condor Valley, adventurers are rewarded with wine from grapes grown on site, a gourmet meal, and a breathtaking hidden waterfall.

360º Video of Trekking in Guachipas
Filmed and edited by Scott Adams
Tour operator: Authentico Salta

Experience trekking the Cerro Cuevas Pintadas de Guachipa in the province of Salta in a rich 360º video experience. More than 1,000 years ago, the original inhabitants recorded their life in incredible rock paintings.

In addition to the storytellers’ videos, a number of articles have been published internationally based on the Pre-Summit Adventures, Day of Adventure, and Summit. Relive adventures from media members who attended the event.

Where to Travel in 2018, According to the Experts contribution by Michaela Trimble in Vogue
Flush with serene desert landscapes and perfect for summer road trips, experiences include high-altitude llama trekking to salt flats with Say Hueque, horse riding at historical fincas like House of Jasmines, hikes to the country’s newly-discovered rock art galleries with Autentica Salta, and luxe stays at properties like Grace Cafayate, which is known for producing the country’s famed Torrontes, a high altitude white wine varietal that’s incredibly refreshing.
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Vistas and vines make a perfect pairing in Calchaqui Valley — Argentina's 'other' wine country by Mark Johanson in the Chicago Tribune
Our driver drops us at the La Yesera trailhead, and we hike over cracked earth for about a mile and a half until we finally reach the top of a sandy lookout. The valley walls off in the distance rise toward the cobalt sky like elaborate works of sand art, with layer upon layer of colored earth. Lindholm says he’s probably been here a hundred times before, “but each time the light hits the rocks differently, and I see something new.”
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Top 3 Things to Do in Salta, Argentina, by Mindy Poder in TravelAge West
The northwest Argentinean province of Salta is known around the country as la linda, or “the beautiful.” But it’s no damsel in distress — the area’s colorful mountains, high-altitude vineyards, volcanic deserts, salt flats, gaucho culture, cloud forest and notable biodiversity are beloved by in-the-know adventurers.
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High in the Andes, I experienced a rare – but welcome – solitude by Mark Sissons in The Globe and Mail
Classic road trips require classic roads, preferably less travelled. Argentina's Ruta Nacional 40 (RN40) is one of the world's longest and most spectacular highways, stretching from the southernmost tip of Patagonia to the northern highlands bordering Bolivia. We set off on it through the Calchaquies Valleys, a stunning series of canyons and rock formations named for the Indigenous Calchaqui people who fiercely resisted the invading Spanish conquistadors.
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