Update from Chile Operator After September 16 Earthquake

17 September 2015

Dear Friends,

mapa_sismo_Sept2015We want to inform you that on Wednesday, September 16 at 19:54 local time a Earthquake of 8.4° on the Richter scale affected the central area of Chile. The epicenter was located 55 kms from Illapel in the region of Coquimbo (290 km North of Santiago). The most affected areas have been Illapel, Salamanca, Coquimbo, La Serena and some Coastal towns from the waves of the Ocean.

At 08:00 on September 17 the tsunami alert was discarded and the different authorities are inspecting the affected areas to evaluate the damages. Different medias announces that 8 fatal victims are reported.

For Santiago, Valparaiso , Viña del Mar and the central area this event produced a general fear in the population, mainly due to the length of the event (two and a half minutes approximately). Is important to mention that all hotels, restaurants and different transportation systems are working normally.

Santiago Arturo Merino Benitez, airport is 100% operational for domestic and International flights.

Chile is a seismic country and we are proud that even in this events the country continues to live normally.

Our staff and their families are Ok. We will inform you in case of any event.

Best regards